Families in the mountain huts

Adventure close to nature and culinary delights for the whole family

A stay at a traditionally run mountain hut, where Alpine Summer in SalzburgerLand comes to life, is surely unforgettable. Families in particular will find paradise for nature-oriented adventure on the mountain pastures: watching the milking and cheese-making process, snuggle little bunnies in the petting zoo, herding the cows from the pasture or simply looking up at the clouds with a blade of grass between the teeth.

Anticipation is high when the whole family gets ready for a day on the mountain pastures. The little ones have a glow in the eyes when they think of the many animals in the mountains. The fluffy rabbits in the petting zoo will certainly have had bunnies and the beautiful Haflinger horses are guaranteed to be close to the hut. The big ones look forward to a hearty meal, a sunny place at the hut and to get away from everyday life.

Up high in the back carrier

The first part of the ascent is comfortably made by cable car, but then the backpacks have to be strapped on to get started. The smallest member of the family has the best views as it’s comfortably placed in dad’s back carrier for children. There is, however, a trail suitable for baby prams, but mum and dad want to show the kids the best locations in the middle of the woods, and for that purpose, the back carrier for children is better for off-road hiking.

After nibbling on sweet raspberries, wild strawberries and blueberries, the children happily skip to the mountain hut. They can’t wait to explore the playground with swings and a slide and afterwards, to find the petting zoo. The parents love to watch the little ones engrossed at play and settle on the hut terrace. First, a refreshing drink to quench the thirst! The mountain hut keeper, wearing her customary Dirndl dress, recommends their refreshing, tangy mountain herb juice with herbs which she herself picked in the meadows around the hut.

Dad studies the menu while mum follows the mountain hut keeper to the pantry, where she is shown the abundance of dried herbs. Some herbs have been used as remedies for everyday ailments for generations. A traditional ‘Brettljause’ lunch snack with products from the mountain farm, a ‘Kaspressknödelsuppe’ cheese dumpling soup, a wonderful ‘Kaiserschmarren’ fluffy pancake or ‘Apfelradln’ doughy fried apple slices? The decision him tough – so he orders everything because the mountain air makes you hungry and the smell emanating from the mountain hut kitchen is just too tempting!

Hüttenwirtin serviert Familie frische Almprodukte.

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus -Frische Produkte von der Alm.

Hungry adventurers

As soon as the food is served, the whole family gathers around the hut table and everybody excitedly tells tales of their adventures. Of the bunny rabbits, who only saw the light of day a few days before, of the hut dog who happily wags his tail to welcome new guests, of all the different herbs that can be found in the meadows and many more, and the Brettljause and all the other yummy dishes disappear quickly from the plates. The mountain hut keeper also likes to join the guests for a chat. She talks about the calves born on the mountain pastures, searched for and carried back to the hut on their shoulders. About snowfall in July, incredible sunrises, cheese making and butter churning. Then she will return to the kitchen to bake bread for the next day. She invites the children to follow her with a wink and excited small bakers vanish into the kitchen.

Now mum and dad finally have time to lean back comfortably, close their eyes and listen to the orchestra of the mountains: cowbells, buzzing bees, faint whinnying and mooing. Here on the mountain pasture, time passes more slowly and relaxation sets in with every breath. The kids come back from the kitchen, beaming with enthusiasm, because now they also want to bake their own bread at home with the recipe they were just given. Mum and dad happily pack their bags to have time to find the special place where wild mushrooms can be picked which the mountain hut keeper recommended for the descent. They want to try their luck – otherwise they’ll just come back to the pasture tomorrow!

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