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Fun-filled action for children

Hours of fun await for your little ones in family-friendly SalzburgerLand.

Holidays are particularly exciting for children. Whilst the adults get hung up with the stresses and strains of everyday life, children get wildly excited about their holidays and just can’t wait until school breaks up and they can get away. In SalzburgerLand there’s a wealth of activities to choose from to provide your children with a fun-filled, action-packed break.

Children and families are of utmost importance in SalzburgerLand. The many attractions, guest houses and hospitality establishments all work hard to ensure that there’s never a dull moment and no room for boredom for your little ones on their holiday.

From screams and squeals of delight at a theme park, encounters with furry friends at the zoo, an exhilarating ride down from dizzy heights on a summer toboggan run and friendly rivalry at mini golf courses, there’s no end of possibilities for children and adults alike to have an unforgettable holiday.

Amusement parks and mountains

Fantasiana Amusement Park in Strasswalchen

Dreams really do come true in this fairy-tale world full of action, adventure and thrills, dreams really do come true! Visitors of all ages are enchanted by over 50 attractions, and there’s never a dull moment. The park has 7 themed areas: castle courtyard, Pilzhausen, Africa Orient, fairy-tale forest, a western town, an action area and dinosaur world! Speed knows no limits in this amusement park, especially since it is home to the widely reputed “Wild Train” rollercoaster. Castle Dracula is one of a kind, and will definitely get your hair standing on end.

Salzburg’s Mountains of Adventures

Salzburg’s Summer Mountain Lifts take holidaymakers large and small up to lofty heights in a matter of minutes. In Salzburg’s adventure mountains countless attractions, leisure opportunities and activities await families. The varied offerings range from fairy-tale hikes to exhilarating downhill rides on scooters and exploring nature and yourself at the Park of the Senses.

Hiking in summer

©TVB Krispl-Gaissau – Hiking paradise in summer

SalzburgerLand for little animal lovers

Salzburg Zoo

These unique zoo grounds on Hellbrunner Berg have steep rock walls on one side, hilly spurs on the other extending down towards the river and are home to around 1,200 wild animals and 140 different species. Native and exotic animals, from Alpine ibex to zebra mongoose, inhabit some 14 hectares of zoo grounds in enclosures very similar to their natural habitats. At Salzburg Zoo, Visitors can experience the animal worlds of Eurasia, South America and Africa, right before their very eyes!

Wildlife parks

The Wildlife parks offer up a particular charm for visitors. In these areas you will have the opportunity to observe native species in their natural environment.

Ferleiten Animal Park – Fusch an der Glocknerstrasse

There are over 200 animals native to the Alps at Ferleiten Wildlife Park, which covers some 15 acres. The grounds also have a pond with numerous places for you to sit and take a break. The kids will be able to work off all their excess energy in the adjacent amusement park.

Untertauen Wildlife and Fun Park

Watch the animals in their open enclosures at this 11-hectare wildlife park. The fun park is directly next door. Swings, slides, a fishing pond with paddle boats, a petting zoo and a bathing lake all await big and small guests alike!

Kleefeld Wildlife Park, Strobl

Here you will encounter ibex, red and fallow dear.  You can also take a behind-the-scenes tour of the wildlife park.

Jufen Wildlife Reserve, Maria Alm

Come and view native animals in their natural habitat. No matter what time of year you pay a visit there will always be something to see!

Bucheben Alpine Wildlife Park

See stags, fallow dear and marmots in their natural environment at Bucheben Alpine Wildlife park, which spans some 7,000 square metres.

Action-packed experiences

Summer tobogganing

In SalzburgerLand there are numerous Alpine slides which offer up fantastic hours of fun for all. Summer tobogganing is a great source of outdoor fun and recreation, especially for children! On an Alpine slide you set the speed yourself – the sledge glides down the mountain on safely secured stainless steel pipes. You can whizz down at neck-breaking speeds or simply enjoy a leisurely slide down to the bottom whilst enjoying the spectacular views around you.

Regardless of what you want to get up to on your holiday and whether you would like to see it yourself or with your kids, there’s no shortage of things to do around SalzburgerLand.

Mutter mit Kind in der gelben Sommerrodelbahn an der Bergstation

©TVB Abtenau – summer tobogganing at Karkogel

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