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Cuisine for children

Culinary art for kids

Practice makes perfect if you want to be a real gourmet! Particularly for kids it is important that food tastes good and gives pleasure. So they learn from an early age that dealing with eating and drinking in a pleasurable manner is more than just food consumption. The little ones can also cook, taste and enjoy together on the Via Culinaria 4 Kids. There are 7 GourMini Hotspots on this culinary pathway especially for kids.

GourMini Hotspot No. 1
Herbs whet your appetite

During a guided hike up to the Gruberalm at the Mayerlehenhütte, all kinds of alpine herbs will be collected, which you can then make into a spicy pesto or refreshing alpine herbal lemonade.

By the way, the path up to the alpine pasture & hut is also suitable for prams.


GourMini Hotspot No. 2
From egg to scrambled eggs

In the henhouse at the Obered farmstead you can fetch the eggs on your own. Then you carefully break the eggs open, season with fresh herbs, salt and pepper and put everything into a hot pan. Well, this is how delicious scrambled eggs are served. You can take the self-made eggcups home with as a souvenir.


GourMini Hotspot No. 3
Enjoy bread in a different way

“Stick bread” – as the name already says – involves wrapping the dough around a wooden stick, and then baking it over an open fire. You can make your own stick bread at the Rumingsmühle in Fuschl am See. Real gourmets also fetch freshly cut chives from the herb garden.


GourMini Hotspot No. 4
Make your own herbal salt

At the Hundsmarktmühle in Thalgau, the chairman of the local sports fishing club will show you how you can mix a very special herbal salt made from herbs and real rock salt from the Salzkammergut region. You can taste the salt and take it home with you, or season your fish with it on the same afternoon.


GourMini Hotspot No. 5
Here it’s all about fish

At the Hundsmarktmühle in Thalgau you’ll be shown how you can prepare “stick on a fish” and be provided with information about fishing.

You can season your own stick on a fish with fresh herbs and grill it on an open fire afterwards, and then eat it up with pleasure.


GourMini Hotspot No. 6
Make your own bread and rolls, then it really tastes good

Mix the dough, prepare the bread starter, knead it and then put it in the oven. Well, it really smells good when the fresh loaf of bread is sliced. And it really tastes good!

You’ll even get a bread-baking diploma from the farmer’s wife at Oberhinteregghof in Faistenau.


GourMini Hotspot No. 7
Something sweet at the end

Pofesen (Austrian version of French bread) is an irresistible flour-based dish from SalzburgerLand and an absolute must for anyone with a sweet tooth. At the 500-year-old Rauchhaus Mühlgrub in Hof you’ll wield a cooking spoon and make your own sweet titbit on an open fire.


And 2 more GourMini tips for kids

From mid-June until the end of August, a wonderful breakfast in the countryside is available daily for families at Riedlwirt in Koppl. The picnic basket is bulging with regional treats.

And anyone who really wants to be pampered in culinary style will relish the Waldhofalm-Kinder-Pfandl (children’s skillet) at the Waldhofalm in Fuschl am See.
You’ll also find all of the GourMini Hotspots along the Via Culinaria 4 Kids in the Fuschlsee region’s info folder.



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