Meisi’s journey to the Hochkönig Holiday Region

Alp herb smoothies & Co. at Bürgl-Alm

At Bürgl-Alm – one of 13 herb hill farms in the Hochkönig holiday region – they have specialized in processing home grown as well as naturally grown alp and wild herbs.

What do food trends like “detox” or beauty secrets relating to the perfect “glow” have to do with the down-to-earth lifestyle in the pastures? A lot, discovered the former ski star Alexandra Meissnitzer, who is deeply rooted in her hometown Salzburg. For her new film series “Meisi’s journey through the SalzburgerLand” she pedalled her e-bike up the Bürgl-Alm to stop for a bite to eat at Gabi and Toni Bürgler’s. The mountain farmers acquainted Alexandra Meissnitzer with the secrets of herbal lore and revealed to her that the tasty herbs are true all-rounders when it comes to beauty, good taste and bodily wellbeing. They are able to relieve inflammations, and contribute to purification, natural cleansing and regeneration. In combination with clear alpine air and gentle exercise they also conjure up the desired “glow” on the face.

The amount of knowledge Gabi Bürgler has is unbelievable: She is a true herbalist, yet a very modern woman who appreciates the gifts of nature. – Alexandra Meissnitzer

Alexandra collecting herbs at the Buergl-Alm

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus, Michael Größinger, Alexandra collecting herbs at the Buergl-Alm

The Bürgl-Alm in Dienten is one of 171 certified summer hill farms in SalzburgerLand: In winter it is located directly inside the ski region Hochkönig. Wanderers appreciate the pastures beautiful setting and its great view over the fabled Hochkönig massif: Two days of the week the Bürgl-Alm can conveniently be accessed by mountain railway and even be reached with a buggy. Others go on foot or take the e-bike – just like Alexandra Meissnitzer. The holiday region Hochkönig is the first holiday region with a comprehensive network of electric charging stations on the pastures. Thus it is possible to visit more of the 13 herb hill farms within a day. The different hill farms have completely different priorities: At Bürgl-Alm it is all about the nettle.

The nettle is one of my favourite plants. In fact, I have two nettle plantations nearby our cottage: Once every three weeks I pick the young nettle-tips and turn them into our beloved “Dientner alp syrup”. – Gabi Bürgler

Alexandra enjoying the herb smoothie

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus, Michael Größinger, Alexandra enjoying the herb smoothie

For Alexandra Meissnitzer sport, fitness and wellbeing always have been part of her life: the former top athlete tries to live a well-balanced life, eats consciously and exercises regularly. As presenter, co-commentator and ambassador for the SalzburgerLand she has to stay fit. That’s why sport is still an integral part of her daily life. In her film series “Natural health with Alexandra Meissnitzer”, which is also new, she grants insight into her personal fitness and training routine. The subject of herbs is of special personal interest to her.

Herbs are a real energy kick for our body. For a long time the knowledge of herbs has been passed on from one generation of women to the next. Luckily, in the SalzburgerLand this knowledge was never lost. – Alexandra Meissnitzer

Beautiful Impressions Alexandra Meissnitzer at the Bürgl-Alm
Bürgl-Alm Hochkönig
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In the Hochkönig region, you will feel right at home on your vacation. Mountains and nature surround visitors with a real feeling of elation and then leave them with unforgettable memories. One glimpse of the Hochkönig panorama will provide you with your first feeling of pure joy and exhilaration.


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