Activities during a mountain hut holiday

Quench your thirst for action and knowledge while holidaying in the mountains

A healthy mix of relaxation and activity is typical for a holiday in SalzburgerLand’s mountain huts. Nature is right at the doorstep in summer and winter – and the perfect setting for sports, adventure, expeditions or simply enjoyable walks. On a holiday at a managed mountain hut, anyone who wants to can lend a hand to the farmers and herdsmen during their daily work or acquire new knowledge and skills in the numerous workshops offered.

Get out of the hut and into fresh powder snow! If you spend your winter holiday in a hut, you’re in pole position. Even before the lifts open, you can shred the untouched, sparkling powder snow on the mountain or be the first to carve on freshly groomed slopes. Those who prefer a more athletic approach strap on the snowshoes  or ascend the surrounding peaks with touring skis. In summer, you’re right in the centre of the hiking area and then you grab your backpack, lace up your hiking boots and start hiking. Or you can jump on your mountain bike to pedal along the many well-marked biking trails in SalzburgerLand.

Learning from herbalists

Nature is your partner in all activities and the blooming mountain meadows entice you to taste the wild and medicinal herbs as you pass by. If you’re not sure what herbs are flourishing along the hiking trails, you can join a guided herb walk to get to know the small botanic healers. Perhaps you could also take part in a medicinal herb workshop in which trained herbalists show you how to make tinctures, ointments, teas and incense with the herbs. Those who prefer to get to know the secrets of the Alpine herbs on their own have ample opportunity to do so while hiking through the wonderful ‘herb gardens’ in the many regions of SalzburgerLand.

Fun-filled yodel workshops, sociable folk dance courses, delicious cooking seminars, creative craftsmanship, cheese-making or jam-making courses are also offered regularly on the pastures of SalzburgerLand. Yodelling for example is not only trendy, it is also relaxing and above all entertaining! Everyday stress is quickly forgotten during a jolly “hohla-re-tool-yay” with other yodellers. If you always wanted to know how the fresh farmhouse bread is made on the mountain pasture, you can watch your hut host during the bread baking process or take one of the numerous bread baking courses in SalzburgerLand.

Top 5 activities on the mountain huts

  1. Sports: Sports activities such as skiing, snowshoeing, biking or hiking start right outside the mountain hut door.
  2. Discovering nature: Picking berries, mushrooms or medicinal herbs – it may even be a part of your lunch on the mountain hut that day!
  3. Lending a hand in the mountains: The mountain hut keepers and herdsmen are happy when they have more helping hands to feed the cows, during hay harvest, making their Alpine produce or baking bread.
  4. Workshops: On the mountain pastures, interesting workshops on various topics are regularly offered, from herbalism to the art of yodelling. You can take away valuable knowledge from your mountain hut holiday.
  5. Mountain yoga: Nothing is more relaxing than practicing asanas high on the mountain and meditating in nature. Beginners can participate in one of the mountain yoga hiking tours in SalzburgerLand.


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