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Via Culinaria

Travel on ten culinary pathways.

The Via Culinaria invites you to a journey through the SalzburgerLand. It leads through 10 culinary pathways to the most delicious regional products - whether they are sampled at the producer or the farmer, enjoyed at a rustic host as traditional specialties or served at the highest level of gourmet art at the critically acclaimed restaurant. The key ingredients for Via Culinaria are regionality, originality, quality and authenticity. It is therefore hardly surprising that Prof. Dr.h.c. Eckart Witzigmann, who was ennobled by Gault Millau as the "cook of the century", was chosen as patron of Via Culinaria.

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Ten culinary pathways for true connoisseurs

For starters there is the culinary pathway for aficionados, which makes every gourmet heart beat faster. Offering selected award winning Restaurants for culinary excellence. Or maybe the culinary pathway for fish fans, where wonderful fish specialties are waiting to spoil true fish-lovers. For friends of spiritual pleasures and fresh brews, there are numerous delicious refreshment options for beer and schnapps tasting. Tender meat delights from the region await their great appearance on the culinary pathway for meat lovers.

Taste the culinary secrets

Spoil yourself on the culinary pathway for the sweet tooth. Wonderful alpine cheese, creative cheese creations and fine classics can be tasted at the culinary pathway for cheese lovers. And the culinary pathway for hut seekers attracts you with culinary delights from the SalzburgerLand in airy heights 365 days a year. One route is dedicated to the special healing powers of herbs, the culinary pathway for herb lovers. Not to forget the  culinary pathway for organic fans in the city and county of Salzburg. At our 330 recommended addresses, everyone will find their unforgettable experience. The newest addition is the culinary pathway for Salzburg’s inn culture, which takes interested visitors into the tasty world of historic restaurants and inns.

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