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Classic prime boiled beef, succulent shoulder cut and fine roast lamb make any gourmet’s heart leap for joy. Anyone who would like to set off in search of such delicacies is on the proverbial right path with the Via Culinaria for Meat Eaters. Meat is simply part of a well-balanced diet. True gourmets know that a delicious piece of meat is the highlight of the menu. And local meat specialities are simply a true delight.

Alpine ox and a snack platter

Animals find only the best grasses and herbs in the pristine natural surroundings of SalzburgerLand with its lush alpine soils. You can taste that! Whether it is tender Tennengau mountain lamb or fine Pinzgau kid goat, superb Pongau wild game or a cut of world-famous Pinzgau beef – truly special treats are waiting for you in SalzburgerLand, because here resourceful master butchers, award-winning chefs as well as down-to-earth Salzburg proprietors conjure up hearty delicacies which the palate retains in best memory.

A delicious snack

What SalzburgerLand provides its local animals as nutrition, connoisseurs later enjoy in the form of specialities which are also recommended as mouth-watering takeaways in Salzburg butcher shops: for a picnic while you are out and about, as a snack while on a mountain pasture or as a culinary souvenir.


Larger, more diverse and more extensive than ever, the 6th Edition of the Via Culinaria Guide presents ten Taste Trails and 300 “tasty addresses” in SalzburgerLand

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Good to know

What are some meat specialties unique to Austria?

If you are a true meat connoisseur, Austria has lots to offer. Here are some must-taste meat dishes unique to the Austrian region: Wiener Schnitzel, Tafelspitz, Gulasch, Fiakergulasch, Backhendl, Bosna.

How do the natural surroundings of Salzburg affect the taste of the meat?

The alpine meadows are rich in a variety of flora, giving the animals a fresh, nutritional feed. The soil is rich in minerals, which leads to the growth of nutritional plants & herbs that impacts the animal. When the animal consumes a mix of these plants, herbs, and grasses, a balanced feed throughout is ensured that elevates the meat. The region of Salzburg also has an abundance of contaminant-free, pure water that animals consume freely. The different seasons in the region also affect the type of vegetation that grows and ultimately is consumed. The serene landscape, uninterrupted by population, also gives a stress-free, peaceful environment for these animals to graze and live.


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