Blumengeschmückte Unterkunft im Salzburger Saalachtal
© SalzburgerLand Tourismus - Perfekte Gastgeber im Almsommer

Alpine Summer accommodation

The hosts for that perfect Alpine Summer holiday

Rolling mountains as far as the eye can see and countless beautiful hiking trails in SalzburgerLand begs a few questions. Where do I start? Is this tour suitable for me? Where will I take a break and will the weather be stable? Any of the over 100 Alpine Summer in Salzburg partner companies are a perfect choice for your hiking vacation and will ensure a very relaxed stay. Your hosts are passionate mountaineers and hiking experts and will have an answer to any question. You will find out about all the best places on the mountains and pastures in the area!

Alpine Summer holiday packages that are tailored for your most wonderful hiking holiday reflect the perfect holiday setting. Some partner companies provide you with a regional hiking map for individual tours in the rooms on arrival. Or would you like to borrow hiking poles and a backpack? It’s there for you in case you left your equipment at home during the pre-holiday mayhem. Early risers who want to start their journey at the crack of dawn can enjoy an early breakfast with mountain pasture produce or have a packed lunch prepared for them.

Perfect Hosts – Alpine Summer Partners

Eaxh day’s weather reveals what should be packed for the hiking day and if in doubt, you can always ask yourhost, as no-one  knows the local weather better! At times, the host might accompany guests on a hike and show the best views, explain the herbs along the way and talk about safety in the mountains. If you’re in luck, you will be shown the mountain huts with the best delicacies! It’s a good feeling when one’s passion and love for the outdoors can be shared.

Here you can find an overview of all the Alpine Summer Partners along with the Alpine Summer Packages

A simply magical hike at sunrise

Finally sleeping in and only leaving the warmth of the cosy bed when the sunrays tickle your nose – that’s when you know you’re on holiday. But if you voluntarily jump out of bed with anticipation before dawn and lace up your hiking boots with a song on your lips, then you’re going on a guided hike at sunrise. Excitement fills the air while the host fills thermoses with freshly brewed, aromatic coffee to provide energy for the early hike. The strapped on headlamp leads the early risers through the black night. It’s almost a meditative pacing in total silence, as the headlight only lights up enough area for the next step. Even the cows are still sleeping on the pastures and dreaming of lush mountain herbs. Step by step, the body warms up and the mind calms down and the thoughts are free. A carefree elation sets in and the power of nature takes over when the summit cross is finally visible, in the now dark gray night sky. The summit has ben reached and the spectacle of nature can begin!

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus - Sonnenaufgang im Salzburger Almsommer

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus – An Alpine Summer Sunrise

Golden morning greeting

The blankets and hot coffee that were brought along keep warm, while the heads turn toward the east. A purple band announces sunrise and minute by minute, the display of colours on the horizon and the clouds grows more spectacular. There is still a tense silence when slowly, a little smile emerges on many faces at the thought that everybody is still fast asleep in the valley. The landscape shows more contours and colours, and one can see where the hikers made their way to the top in darkness not long before. Then the time has come. A golden beam announces the sun breaking out from behind the ridges. The cameras click and everyone wants to capture this natural spectacle as a perfect souvenir. Only moments later, the fiery ball emerges on the horizon and the landscape shines in all its beauty. Many “aaahs” and “oohs” ensue, only to be distracted by tummy rumbles. “Time for a refreshment!” the host exclaims and fetches a hearty summit snack from his backpack with alpine cheese, bacon, farmer’s bread and alpine butter. Now a fabulous breakfast will be had. A sunrise such as this is surely incredibly energising but also makes you hungry!

Have we awoken your interest in stories from SalzburgerLand? In the free Alpine Summer Brochure , you will find the most beautiful Alpine Summer Festivals and everything you need to know about the  top-class Alpine Summer huts.

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a view of a mountain
a view of a mountain
Alpine Summer accommodation fact box

Partner companies: about 100 accommodation partners ranging from wellness hotels and guesthouses to cosy pensions
Criteria: The selected hosts meet certain criteria which make it the perfect service partner for a hiking holiday.
– High level of expertise regarding Alpine Summer in Salzburg
– Advice via the “hiking hotline” before your holiday
– Specially tailored packages
– Hiking week programme with personal advice from the in-house hiking experts
– Weather information and daily hiking weather forecast
– Hiking map
– Insider tips on special regional delicacies
– Early breakfast
– Cooperation with Alpine schools and climbing guides
– Booking of overnight accommodation in cabins and huts


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