Working and helping out on a farm

Volunteers to help out on the farm are always welcome in SalzburgerLand

It is not only the dream of youngsters to break out of the daily routine. Maybe you would like a break from your daily job and to exchange the office chair for that of a milking stool for a summer season. Many people dream of idyllic alpine life, a slower pace of life. Those who are realistic and realise that volunteering to work as a farmhand also means hard work will be rewarded with a unique and perhaps even life changing work experience.

There is plenty to do on a farm

Milking the cows, ploughing the fields, tending to crops, caring for livestock and preparing farm produce that is sold at local markets. These are the jobs that have been associated with farming for centuries, but for the past few decades the farming lifestyle has changed somewhat. Many farmers have a second job alongside their main job, with many also employing a farm manager who is able to stay up to date with EU Rules and Regulations and maintain the highest levels of quality. There is always plenty of work to be done on the farm and that is the reason why farmers are always looking out for volunteers during the summer months.

Working on the Farm and Land

Many farms offer free board and lodging in exchange for manpower, offering a wonderful insight to the everyday farm life. Help is always appreciated with hay making and those who are a little more experienced may even spend time tending to the cattle on the higher alpine pastures. There are many tasks to be carried out on the farm and there is certainly no time to get bored, the weather. Tasks include taking care of guests and children, preparing breakfast, churning the butter, making cheese and sewing. In the meantime, there is bread is to be baked for hungry hikers and cows and calves need tending to.

If you are interested in work experience on a farm and would like to find out which farms are advertising for volunteers, please send an email directly to

Helping out on holiday

Guests who prefer to combine a holiday along with offering a helping hand will find many opportunities to do so on a “Farm Holiday”. Children will learn how to deal with cows and horses, as well as assisting with baking in the farmhouse kitchen. Every volunteer in the field is welcome to help out with haymaking which is followed by the offerings of good food and drink. Even if you experience a few blisters, a particularly deep sleep is guaranteed.

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