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What is organic? Eat organic in SalzburgerLand

Eat organic in SalzburgerLand

Organically grown ingredients taste good and are good for you. The sustainable interaction with nature and its resources is self-evident for organic farmers in SalzburgerLand. And you can taste that!

Everything simply tastes best with fresh ingredients from organic farming…

The farmers in SalzburgerLand who act on a sustainable basis keep their word: they work with what nature has provided them. The land and animals are always paramount in this regard. Organic farming means “back to the origins”. The passion with which Salzburg’s organic farmers work is unique.

Pioneering role in Europe

The organic farmers in SalzburgerLand are veritable pioneers in organic farming. Every second farmstead is organically managed, and with this organic share of 50 per cent, SalzburgerLand can rightfully be referred to as an organic paradise (BioParadies). Their passion, sense of responsibility and love for sustainable action has even earned Salzburg’s organic farmers the top ranking in organic farming in Europe. BioParadies SalzburgerLand stands for honest farming, dealing carefully with the valuable treasures of nature and profound solidarity with humans and animals.

BioParadies: experience and enjoy

“Holiday and organic” are inextricably linked with each other in SalzburgerLand, and these strong bonds can be sensed everywhere. Selected initiatives delight both guests and locals with wonderful organic pleasure and the invitation to experience organic farming at first hand.

One such example is the organic breakfast. Anyone who discovers the “Blue Butterfly” symbol knows: a delicious breakfast featuring organic ingredients from local organic farmers and producers is waiting to be savoured with this host establishment. Among other establishments, this fine start to a day is available at Bio-Pension Vorderlengau, Alpin Spa Hotel Haus Hirt and Hotel Hammerschmiede.

The “Green Butterfly” in selected ‘pleasure addresses’ stands  for an organic offer of culinary delicacies available all day. For example, this opportunity is available at Holzhotel Forsthofalm in Leogang. And anyone who discovers the “Orange Butterfly” can be certain: this host establishment pampers guests with 100 percent organic delicacies – preferably regional and seasonal! Prime examples are Biohotel Rupertus or also Bio Berggasthof Bachrain.

Visitors can experience the harmonious everyday life on an organic farm up close at the show farms: 29 organic farmsteads give free reign for guests to inquire, discover and participate in activities. Not only little organic fans experience this break on an organic farm as exciting. Adults also lend a hand, and after the work is performed the organic snack enjoyed in front of the farmhouse tastes even better, especially when the “old farmer” tells his stories from way back when and knows how to relate things in perspective: “Actually we have always worked like this. Today it’s simply called organic. But it was always self-evident to us.” The authenticity and pleasure in working is omnipresent here. But that’s not enough. Anyone who would like to be a real organic farmer in the Salzburg BioParadies must meet the stringent certification criteria of the BIO AUSTRIA association.

Tauern rye, mountain cheese and more

And you can taste it when the breakfast egg you enjoy during a farm holiday comes from happy hens. The same applies when the milk is provided by cows which have their “summer residence” on the lush, green mountain pastures high above SalzburgerLand, the bread is made according to a traditional recipe featuring “Tauern rye” and comes from the on-site wood fired oven. Then you’ll know why organic tastes so good. Regional products are also served in the selected organic hotels and organic restaurants.

Join the fun in cooking with organic products

Hosts serve fine delicacies while guests enjoy an organic farm holiday. Organic recipes are available for all those who would like to take the fine ideas home with them. Some organic farmers invite guests to take part and demonstrate how organic dishes succeed best in the kitchen. The close cooperation of producers and cooks is one of the secrets behind organic enjoyment in SalzburgerLand. This cooperation is characterised by exchange and growth as well as by mutual support and encouragement. This is even better when the ingredients for the outstanding dishes come from sustainable farming.

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