SalzburgerLand: a climbers’ paradise

From climbing halls to sheer rock faces, numerous climbing adventures await in SalzbugerLand

You couldn’t ask for a more authentic, genuine and pure experience in nature than climbing: just you, the rock face, the elements, awe-inspiring surrounding panoramic views and the adrenaline pumping through your veins as you push yourself to your very limits. What could be more liberating and fulfilling than to reach the top of a sheer rock face, conquer a mountain or challenging via ferrata or to master a new technique when bouldering?

Whether ascending a rock face high up in the mountains, strutting your stuff in one of the many challenging climbing halls of the region, scaling the dizzy heights of a frozen waterfall in winter or training in a hall, SalzburgerLand is a true climbing paradise, unbeatable in its rich variety and this activity exploded in popularity in the region in recent years.

Via ferrata or bare rock face, climbing hall or bouldering, ice climbing or a winter break? Strictly speaking climbing cannot be defined as one single sport as there’s an abundance of different variations to suit all tastes.  Of course you may have ambitions to conquer the north faces of the Alps but if you’re a beginner you should set your sights a little lower.

Scaling the rock face

Climbing surely belongs to one of the best things that you can do in the mountains. Wrapping your fingers around a bare rock face, you look to great heights and think your next steps through carefully. Absolute silence surrounds you broken only by the gentle hum of insects and chirping of birds. You slowly start moving, your arms and hands showing you the way as you take off. Completely reliant on yourself and your climbing companions, there’s scarcely any other sport which allows you to be so at one with yourself.  However, it pays to watch out. As beautiful as the surrounding scenery may be, you should always be on the look out for dangers that come alongside climbing. You should always be attentive to your own moves and that of your partner. Overestimation and overconfidence have no place at all on the mountain. If in doubt always climb with an experienced mountain guide and never stray from the predetermined climbing routes.

Small Barmstein

near Hallein, Tennengau. With 841 m height above sea level, the rock tower rises vertically into the air, and proves to be a popular spot because it is lit up by the sun until the late evening. Only 20 minutes away from the city of Salzburg, you can expect extraordinary panoramic views.

Via Ferrate

In recent times many more via ferrate have been developed, meaning that you can now climb throughout the entire region on designated routes over rock and mountain faces. It goes without saying that there are also dangers going alongside this, and you should never overestimate your abilities. Always keep a firm grip of the rope and keep attached to the equipment. Beginners should climb under the instruction of an experienced guide who will show you the ropes (no pun intended!).

Spectacular. At a total length of 240 m, this via ferrata, sometimes extremely exposed, leads climbers over horizontal strata of slate. After clambering up 140 vertical meters, you are rewarded by phenomenal views of Hohe Tauern National Park. Not for those with vertigo!

Sport climbing

Scale rock faces with one climbing rope and with the maximum climb of up to 30 metres. Secured from the ground, this variant is ideal for beginners and those climbers who want to improve and train in a relatively secure environment.

Climbing halls

Whoever thinks that climbing on artificial walls is no fun and just for winter is completely mistaken. Traverse paths which are not to be found in nature, push yourself to your very limits or just take it easy, again secured from below. The popularity of climbing halls just keeps growing and growing.


Bouldering is climbing without a rope either in halls or on boulders. You will always find yourself at a jump height. The challenge doesn’t involve getting as high as you can, but rather developing your own technique. Climbing halls often have entire bouldering areas.

Ice climbing

As soon as winter sets in and freezes SalzburgerLand’s waterfalls with its ice-cold temperatures, and causes majestic icicles to form, the crampons are strapped on and the ice picks flourished. The search for new challenges in winter drives many climbing aficionados to try their hand at ice climbing: scaling frozen waterfalls and oversized icicles on chosen routes.  Strongholds for this sport are the Kolm Saigurn Ice Arena, Kruml Falls, the Bodenhaus waterfall, Frohn waterfall in the Rauris Valley, the Grünsee waterfalls in Uttendorf/Weisssee and the Sigmund-Thun Gorge in Kaprun.

Weissbach bei Lofer, Saalachtal. The next Ice Age is certain to arrive. At minus 13° C, Mother Nature reveals her full beauty. The experienced ice climber knows that every step, every ice screw must be anchored perfectly in the ice fall. 

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