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Walking and hiking

Surround yourself with unspoilt nature, breathe Alpine-fresh air and drink from crystal-clear streams on your walking holiday in SalzburgerLand.

You’ve cleared the first gentle climbs, and the sounds of the town’s hustle and bustle have long been replaced by the rhythmic crunch of your hiking boots striking the ground. With every breath your lungs are filled with Alpine-fresh clear air. You realise, as you see the awe-inspiring mountainous backdrop immersed in almost unreal shades of light, that you haven’t felt so free and unencumbered in a long time. Each step you take carries you further away from the everyday life you have left behind in the valley. Walking and hiking in SalzburgerLand is a fantastic activity which can be enjoyed across the generations, and those who are bitten by the hiking bug will find it hard to get it out of their system.

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There really is no end to variety to be found in the landscape, where imposing mountain peaks reflect in deep crystal-clear lakes, hills resembling undulating waves roll seamlessly into lowland meadows and rivers thread their way through the Alps like life-giving veins. Taking this glorious arena into account, it really is no wonder that more and more people are discovering their passion for walking and hiking, striking out to explore this dazzling world of mountains and lakes by foot. Could you think of any better place to be than in a place where the bright array of nature’s colours are reminiscent of the most extraordinary paintings and where you can jump over crystal-clear waters after a short summer thunderstorm to reach a glorious panoramic viewpoint?

Regardless of whether you’d like to take a relaxed half-day hike with the help of a summer mountain lift, your first demanding trek of the season up a challenging mountain peak or a week-long tour through valleys and villages, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect thing for you. Stop off and sample the culinary delights of the Salzburg Alpine Summer in one of the many welcoming hospitality establishments along the way, settle in for the night at a romantic, cosy and comfortable self-catering mountain hut and you can even arrange to have your luggage transported for you along the way. Those who want to do a bit of climbing on the side will find countless challenges for all ages and abilities among the via ferrate, climbing halls or established routes of the region’s cliffs and rocks.

On a walking break in SalzburgerLand you will really get to know the landscape, people and customs in the most intensive way possible, discovering things that would otherwise have remained hidden to you. Discover new paths, find your favourite spots and leave your everyday life back in the valley.

Walking and hiking
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