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The farmer is cooking

Classics from the farmhouse kitchen made with fresh local ingredients

Naturally, these recipes are made with the freshest ingredients from local farms, gardens and forests including freshly harvested apples and pears, pumpkins and cabbage as well as fish from region of Lungau. Pinzgauer beef or freshly caught trout from the rivers and lakes of Salzburgerland are used to prepare the finest cuisine. Local hunters deliver fresh game including venison to create tasty dishes. The recipes are usually simple to prepare, as there is always much to do on the farm with little time left for cooking.

Hearty dishes

If you work hard physically, you need a lot need of energy and therefore recipes from the farm kitchen are often more substantial and the dishes of gulasch, kasnockn and kaiserschmarrn are simply incomparable. After the meal, enjoy a small glass of farm distilled schnapps. Every region has specialities, where recipes are passed down the line. There are farmhouse classics that are often served to the table, but also other dishes that have almost fallen into oblivion.

A Bauernherbst holiday offers numerous cookery classes where it is possible to learn how to prepare regional dishes with the guidance of the farmers. Learn how to bake a perfect farmhouse loaf of bread and how to make a delicious mossbeernockn, made with freshly harvested blueberries. The most well-loved recipes are compiled in a recipe booklet so that you can try out the dishes at home.

Top 4 Dishes from the farmhouse kitchen

1. KaiserschmarrnEmperor’s Mess

A traditional Austrian dish of caramelised pancake made with rum-soaked raisins, eggs, flour, sugar, and butter. The pancake is cut into pieces while frying, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and served hot with plum sauce on the side or on top. Yummy…

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2. Kasnockn

In the region of Pinzgau, kasnockn are traditionally made with beer cheese, but it is also possible to use different types of cheese. In order to gain the best possible taste, locals recommend to prepare and serve the dish in a cast-iron pan. The basis of the meal is made with small chopped dumplings and covered by melted cheese, onions and spices and is often served with a small mixed salad.

3. Gulasch

A tasty serving of gulasch will boost your energy levels. Made with local beef for stewing, plenty of paprika and onions, this dish is a popular choice. Gulasch can be enjoyed as a stew without an accompaniment, or when made with a thicker sauce, or served with dumplings. For those who prefer something spicier, try adding a little chilli powder.

4. Bauernkrapfen mit Granggn sauce

The golden brown baked donuts from Germteig are best served warmly with homemade cranberry sauce and powdered sugar. This is the tradition of Hohe Tauern National Park.

Try out the recipe from Farmer Daniela from Hochkönig.


Try out the delicious home-made dishes – click for recipe.

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