Salzburg Bauernherbst

Salzburger Harvest Festivals - from August to October

The Harvest Festival is a very special time in SalzburgerLand, when the herdsmen and herdswomen return to the valley with their ornately decorated cows after the alpine summer. It's harvest time and the farmers are slowly getting ready for winter. A time that is especially associated with nature and the seasons. A time to celebrate! From the end of August to the beginning of November, we celebrate our customs, traditions and pleasures with numerous festivals. We open our doors to everyone who wants to immerse themselves in rural life with us, try out traditional handicrafts for themselves or taste homemade delicacies from the farm. Preserving and carrying on traditions and customs.

That’s what we live for!

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Since 1996, every year SalzburgerLand has been dominated by the Bauernherbst from the end of August to the beginning of November. The mountain herdsmen return to the villages after the Alpine summer with their artfully decorated cows, while for the farmers it is harvest time and slowly preparing for the winter. But it is also a time to celebrate together. At the end of August, the Bauernherbst is officially opened with a big party and this is followed bya lot of events characterised by peasant traditions, genuine customs and culinary enjoyment.

A farmer’s table

The Bauernherbst hosts serve up local specialities such as Lungauer Eachtling, Fuschlseer Trout, Pinzgau Schottnockn, Hasenörl and Apfelradl at the traditional festivals and inns.

At the stalls in the farmers markets you can taste homemade farmers’ produce. There is cheese, in which you can taste the Alpine summer herbs, smoky bacon and sausages, crispy farmer’s bread, freshly harvested apples and pears and one or the other home-fired Schnapps.

Celebrate Harvest Festival

After the everyday farming life working on the field and with the cattle, producing cheese, butter and bread, harvesting the fruit trees and cutting the last of the hay you can really feel the zest for life. Together with other guests you just want to relax and treat yourself by dancing, playing music, socialising and enjoying the food and drink. Lederhosen and Dirndl are proudly worn, and old craftsmanship is lovingly presented. Ornate hay figures are bound up and visitors can prove their craftsmanship while scything the grass, making wicker baskets or tile making. Special Bauernherbst holiday packages promise days full of activity while hiking or cycling, regional cuisine and a colourful supporting programme with a great atmosphere and genuine customs.

10 facts about the Salzburg Bauernherbst

  1. The Salzburger Bauernherbst was opened in the 14 Flachgau towns for the first time in 1996.
  2. Around 2,000 events provide cultural, musical and culinary enjoyment.
  3. More than 70 Bauernherbst towns will celebrate the Bauernherbst from mit August to end Oktober.
  4. Since its foundation, around 500,000 visitors have enjoyed the festivities every year.
  5. For more than 20 years, the Bauernherbst has created a symbiosis between agriculture, associations, the economy and tourism, and strengthens the development of village and rural culture.
  6. Around 340 Bauernherbst hosts offer local and regional food to guests.
  7. Around 14,000 active participants (farmers, craftsmen, hosts, musicians and dancers) contribute to the success of the festivals.
  8. Bauernherbst towns are recognisable by, among other things, the Bauernherbst signposts, the Bauernherbst tree or the creative decorations.n.
  9. Selected partners from the business world also contribute to the success of the Bauernherbst.
  10. 100% Recognition: You can recognize Bauernherbst locations by the decorated Bauernherbst signs, the Bauernherbst tree, or the creative decorations, among other things.


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