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Traditional Costume & Customs

Every region has its own traditional costume with unique stitching and embroidery

Traditional festivals such as the Samsontragen in Lungau, the Trestern in Pinzgau, as well as the many other processions organised by farms in SalzburgerLand, support a feeling of togetherness in the community. Everyone plays a part in contributing to the festivities in which the community comes together to celebrate Bauernherbst with music, singing and dancing. Hosts conjure up delicious meals from regional produce and local artisans present their wares, whilst the local folk groups and musicians provide great entertainment. The effort that is put in to making these festivities a success not only ensures a great atmosphere for visitors, but also maintains a strong bond in the community.

Traditional costumes

Every Salzburger has at least one item of traditional clothing in their wardrobe, many of which have been passed down from generation to generation. It could be a dirndl worn for everyday chores or one with an elaborate bodice and hand stitched apron, kept for special occasions. Traditional costume is no longer only worn to festivals, weddings and family celebrations. In SalzburgerLand, dirndls and lederhosen are also worn as work clothes, perhaps by a friendly hotel receptionist and waitress. Traditions such as Lederhosen Donnerstag and Dirndlgwanldsonntag are celebrations which see the people of SalzburgerLand wear their national costume with pride.


You can learn a lot about an individual by just looking at the lederhosen they are wearing. For example, the colour of the stitching reveals whether the youngster is a Salzburger, as white stitch work is typically used on Salzburger lederhosen. In the past, one was able to tell if the wearer was wealthy or a member of the aristocracy just by looking how elaborate the stitch work and embroidery was.

A dirndl to suit everyone

The dirndl not only varies from region to region in SalzburgerLand, but sometimes from valley to valley. The tailoring, embroidery and colour of the apron all reveal where the wearer of the dirndl is from. There are many specially designed dirndls, for example the Salzburger Jägerdirndl, which is created and worn by hunters. The unique colours and embroidery distinguish this dirndl as a dirndl for a huntress.

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