Wilfried Haslauer Jr. et al. posing for the camera
Beim traditionellen Bauernherbst-Bieranstich in der Stiegl Brauwelt: (v.l.) Michael Porenta (Raiffeisen Salzburg), Landeshauptmann Wilfried Haslauer, Markus Trinker (Stiegl), Daniela Kinz (Salzburg AG), Christian Leeb (SalzburgMilch), Bauernherbst-Projektleiterin Eveline Bimminger (SLTG), Landesbäuerin Elisabeth Hölzl und Marco Pointner (TVB Saalfelden Leogang).

Bauernherbst Partners

Selected partners from the business community accompany the Bauernherbst success story

Stiegl, Raiffeisen, Gössl, SalzburgMilch,... four faithful companions

For many years, important partners from the business community have been accompanying the success of the Salzburg Bauernherbst. Without these strong companions, the upkeep of traditions and customs, the atmospheric festivals and, above all, the further development of the Bauernherbst programme would not be possible. The Bauernherbst partners are exclusively traditional SalzburgerLand companies.

The Stiegl Brewery has stood for Salzburg’s beer culture for over 525 years. The official Stiegl beer tapping is also a festive highlight at every opening party. This Salzburg beer naturally also refines many culinary Bauernherbst treats.

The Salzburger Raiffeisen Bank is the largest banking group in SalzburgerLand. The warehouses affiliated to the Raiffeisen Association are indispensable partners to Salzburg’s farmers.

SalzburgMilch is a strong partner to both Salzburg’s farmers and the Bauernherbst. The fresh Alpine milk from countless dairy cows produces a wide range of premium products every day, such as fresh milk, savoury cheese, fruity yoghurts and much more.

Gössl, founded in 1947, manufactures timeless and exclusive traditional clothing for men and women. In the Gwandhaus, the company headquarters in the City of Salzburg, the noble Dirndl, Joppen and Hemp leathers are made.

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