What is Bauernherbst?

Salzburgerland Bauernherbst – a time to celebrate, sing, dance and savour freshly harvested produce

After a summer on the alpine pastures, the shepherds bring the cattle back down to the valley and the farmers return to the meadows for one last time to harvest the fruit and vegetables and cut the final crop of hay before winter. This is the time that marmalades are preserved, juices pressed and fruits condensed for distilling schnapps: Bacon and ham are smoked and cured. The fresh produce is then taken to the numerous farmers’ markets, where they are sampled and sold. After a busy summer, “Bauernherbst” is also an opportunity for the locals to get together in their festive costumes for a good old chat as well participating courtyard festivities, such as dancing and enjoying regional cuisine.

The History of Bauernherbst

This jolly time of the year has become known as the 5th season in SalzburgerLand, a time for reflection and thanksgiving after a satisfying Alpine summer and successful harvest. The Bauernherbst programme is highlighted by numerous events which are hosted by the local community and farmers, all of which reflect everyday life in the rural community. Local clubs and associations maintain the old customs and traditions by demonstrating skills such as whip cracking, thigh-slapping and folk dancing.

Dirndl & Lederhosen

Dirndl and Lederhosen go hand in hand with Bauernherbst. No matter whether a hand-worker or market stand seller, you will see both young and old adorn the traditional costume with pride. Every region has its own traditional costume and even the younger generation take pleasure in wearing a stylish dirndl or pair of lederhosen. An embroidered item on a costume defines the region of origin. There are over 98 traditional costumes for ladies in SalzburgerLand, so you can be sure to find one to suit every taste!

traditional bauernherbst musicians

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus GmbH – Harvest Festival in SalzburgerLand

Musical Bauernherbst

The authentic chords and notes of folk music fills the air with the sound of guitars, accordions, alpine horn and of course yodeling. From the official opening onwards, real folk music can be heard throughout the land. Hikers are accompanied by the sound of music whilst walking from hut to hut. Those who prefer to stay active, while at the same time enjoying music, can hop onto a mountain bike and cycle to one of the many mountain huts in SalzburgerLand for a musical gathering.

Culinary Bauernherbst

During this period, typical regional dishes from the Salzburgerland region can be found on the menu. Including dumplings, fresh venison from the local forests. Those with a sweet tooth should try the farmers’s donuts, cakes and pastries. After satisfying your appetite maybe try a schnapps to aid digestion. Take your pick from rowan, pear or cranberry – all distilled by local farmers.

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