Culinary Pathway for Herb Lovers

Nature’s all-rounders

Herbs are all-rounders. They heal, strengthen and taste good. In SalzburgerLand they have always played a major role, and so it is hardly surprising that in addition to herb gardens, herb hotels, herb restaurants and herb huts are waiting to be discovered. An informative herbal hike is particularly interesting: Which herb has which effect? And which tincture renders unimagined healing?

Medicinal and delectable

Whether it is bishop’s weed, meadowsweet or thyme, the knowledge of long-known and newly discovered herbs is a precious treasure. Herbalists and experts know when which herb is picked and how it is enjoyed. Passed on from generation to generation, recipes for healthful dishes and therapeutic essences have been preserved.

Delicious health on a plate

Karin Buchhart, head of the Society for Traditional European Healing (TEH), recounts the beginnings of the organisation: “Discovering curative recipes from cookbooks was a very exciting experience for me. It is simply a beautiful thought not to pack the effect of medicinal herbs in a tablet, but to serve it on a plate.”


Valuable knowledge to take with you

The valuable knowledge of delicious herbs is readily passed on at workshops, in seminars and in the course of lecture series. Anyone who takes time to discover these gifts of nature will be delighted by the ingredients that are just as tasty as they are beneficial.


Larger, more diverse and more extensive than ever, the 6th Edition of the Via Culinaria Guide presents nine Taste Trails and 300 “tasty addresses” in SalzburgerLand

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