Alpine Summer Openings and Events

Overview on Alpine summer highlights

As soon as the cattle, horses, sheep and goats happily inhabit their lush green summer quarters after having been driven up to Salzburg’s alpine pastures for mountain grazing, numerous celebrations throughout the country mark the official start of “Alpine Summer”.

The Salzburg Alpine Summer celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and kicked off with a grand celebration on 16 June 2024 at the Maurach Alm mountain pasture in the Großarltal valley.

Every year a different region in SalzburgerLand has the honour of hosting a lavish Alpine Summer opening event. The event is a fun get-together of musicians and hikers who can enjoy regional cuisine and typical mountain hut delicacies, watch traditional craftsmen at work or partake in lively alpine dancing. The ringing of the large alpine summer bell echoes across rolling mountain pastures and meadows, officially announcing the new alpine summer season.

This was the Alpine Summer opening 2024

The Salzburg Alpine Summer celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2024 and kicked off with a grand celebration on 16 June 2024 at the Maurach Alm mountain pasture in the Grossarlvalley. Our guests enjoyed a hike from Grossarl Valley in Pongau up to the festival area at the Maurach Alm. The hosts of the Maurach Alm, Family Gschwandtl, served for the region typical dishes while the Filzmooser Tanzlmusi and the Hüttschlager Alphornbläser entertained with traditional pieces of music.

Grossarl Valley is situated between the Hohe Tauern and the Niedere Tauern and is also known as the ‘Valley of the Mountain Pastures’, due to the large number of alpine huts. At the 40 farmed mountain huts, you can treat yourself with culinary delights after your hike. Especially delicious is the cheese of the Grossarler Valley Bergbauernkäse region with a slice of freshly baked bred.

Maurach Alm hosts family Gschwandtl

Maurach Alm hosts family Gschwandtl


Alpine Summer Start with Stallions

In June the magnificent stallion drive in Rauris Valley is a particularly impressive spectacle which has been taking place for decades. The precious Noriker stallions initially have to establish their rank and determine who will be lead stallion to ensure a peaceful summer in the mountains. Only afterwards can they join the mares to spend 100 days of summer grazing in the lush meadows of Rauris Valley. The traditional Noriker stallion drive in Rauris Valley takes place at Alpengasthof Bodenhaus every year during the last weekend in June. This legendary performance in front of 5000 spectators is an important prerequisite to ensure a relaxing alpine summer for the horses without subsequent fights. The hierarchy of the stallions for each group is determined after about one hour of wild demonstrations of power, kicks and bites, and once the lead stallion has become ‘boss’, the others subordinate themselves peacefully and the mighty animals can unwind.

Alpine Summer Events

In addition to celebrations marking the start of Alpine Summer, many events are held in the mountains in all regions during the summer months that feature enchanting walks between mountain huts, the sound of music, cultural readings, creative workshops, culinary delights and most of all, sociable exchanges at rustic mountain hut tables. Traditional skills are demonstrated throughout many alpine summer events including building a Pinzgauer-fence, fine wool spinning or carving butter moulds.

Crafted Treasures: The Butter Mould

Ornately crafted and frequently passed down over generations, butter moulds are used as part of the butter making process. The intricately carved design at the base of the mould reveals the alpine butter’s origin to the knowing eye. A multitude of patterns end up adorning the butter, such as florals with edelweiss or gentian, religious symbols, chamois, deer or the hill farm’s name. Not many farmers still master the craft of butter mould carving any more, but one can observe this old traditional stone pine wood carving at Alpine Summer in Salzburg events.

SalzburgerLand Top Alpine Summer Events

Pinzgau: Alm:Kultur – Tradition meets Modernity is the motto in Saalfelden Leogang

Throughout the alpine summer, weekly arts and culture projects will be held on pastures around Saalfelden Leogang. Featuring the slogan Tradition meets modernity, musical delights, readings, craft and painting workshops lead by artists are on offer. The romantic landscape surrounding the rustic mountain huts provides the ideal setting to free creative minds.

Lungau: Preber Musikantenroas

The highlight of the beautiful hike to the huts in the Preber area is undoubtedly the ‘Preber Musikantenroas’ when traditional singers and musicians delight with music played by brass bands and on alphorn. A get-together during which everybody joins to play in the huts afterwards is the crowning glory.

Flachgau: Holleralmen elderberry flower event

Alpine Summer is celebrated with elderberry delicacies, music and dance in the Holleralm mountain huts in the Fuschlsee lake region and in the Postalm mountain huts near Wolfgangsee lake. Ten Holleralm huts offer delicious doughnuts with elderberry compote, tempting elderberry juice or fresh cheese with elderberry leaves! The festivities are accompanied by folk music and guided alpine hikes.

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