Frequently asked questions

Hiking along the Salzburger Almenweg

"From one alpine pasture to the next on the trail of the blue gentian"

To ensure that your day in the mountains is an unforgettable experience, we provide some tips and answers to frequently asked questions about the Salzburg Almenweg:

Where can you get the hiking pins?

The hiking destinations can be chosen freely and must be proved with a stamp. The individual stamps are available per stage at each alpine pasture along the trail.If you are missing a stamp or the stamp office is closed, you can fill in the data in the corresponding field or get a confirmation at the local tourist office. The hiking brooches are available upon presentation of the necessary control stamps and the payment of a contribution to costs of €4.50 Euros at any tourist office in Pongau.

Do I have to pre-book a room in the alpine pastures & huts?

An advance reservation is recommended especially if you are travelling with more than one person. Otherwise, a phone reservation on the eve of your arrival at the alpine pasture or hut is acceptable. If a hut is already fully booked, the alpine farmers can help in obtaining accommodation.

Must I take a sleeping bag with me?

The majority of the huts have bed linen in the (dormitory) rooms and camps. Should you have a light sleeping bag, which does not unnecessarily weigh down your luggage, please take it with you.

What catering is offered in huts along the alpine trail?

In each hut, there is the so-called ‘Snack Board’ with cheese, bacon, sausage, butter and bread. The Alpine Summer huts offer homemade or locally produced delicacies from the region. Some of the alpine huts has chosen a special regional dish as their „Almenweg Schmankerl“ or culinary specialty. You should ask for them.

Are there sections along the alpine trail suitable for kids’ buggies?

Feeder routes onto the stages of the alpine trail are mostly gravel ways (pebbles) and can mostly be used with the buggy. On the Salzburger Almenweg itself, it is better to take toddlers in a back carrier. Additionally every village has numerous hiking and walking paths that are suitable for families with small children in buggies.

Are dogs allowed on the alpine trail?

Dogs can, of course, be taken along on hikes on the Salzburger Almenweg over all stages! Dogs should generally be kept on leash in the mountains. If you plan to stay overnight in a mountain hut with a dog, it‘s essential to check in advance whether this is allowed and what restrictions or requirements may be in place.

Is the alpine trail also ride-able with a mountain bike?

No, the alpine trail is designed as a hiking trail and should only be used as such. There are, however, signposted mountain bike trails in every town / region.

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