Villages & Partners

Bauernherbst villages along with local business partners contribute to a successful Bauernherbst

When entering partner villages, guests will witness displays which have been erected by locals to symbolise that they are an official partner of Bauernherbst. In these particular villages, the customs and traditions of Bauernherbst are celebrated with festivals as well as parades including local clubs and associations. Market stalls are set up with regional and farm produce where items such as fresh alpine cheese, bacon and farmhouse bread can be purchased. Crafts and handmade products are presented by local artisans who also demonstrate their skills, whether it be knitting, carving or spinning. Local Bauernherbst hosts serve up tasty dishes at more than 2000 festivals.


The 74 villages of Salzburger Bauernherbst must meet certain criterias as the visual appearance of the village, the atmospheric set-up of the festival, in which way hosts integrate gastronomy and Bauernherbst, the preservation of village and farming traditions, the representation of craftsmanship, the selling of regional and farm produce at the market, musical elements on offer.

Bauernherbst Hosts

340 Bauernherbst hosts offer special menus including regional dishes.

Home grown products

Home grown products can be sold at the local farmers and the farmers shop.


For many years, important partners from the business world have contributed to the ongoing success of Bauernherbst. Without these particular partners, the preservation of old customs and traditions would not be possible. Bauernherbst business partners are traditional companies from SalzburgerLand, including the well-loved brewery of Stiegl, run by Family Kiener. The Stiegl event is a highlight at every opening festival, where many people can be seen enjoying local cuisine accompanied by refreshing glass of Stiegl beer. The firm Gössl, tailor exquisite traditional costumes for men and women and the company headquarters are situated in the city of Salzburg. Raiffeisen is the largest banking institution within the province of Salzburg. Lagerhaus, an affiliated partner of the Raiffeisen bank, is an indispensable partner to the farming community in Salzburgerland.

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