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Bike Hotels in SalzburgerLand

Numerous hotels in SalzburgerLand are specialised in accommodating cyclists

For us bikers and cyclists, there is nothing better than sitting on the saddle and discovering new routes, fighting our way up the next summit using our own power and then charging down into the valley full of adrenaline. But aside from that, of course all the trappings should fit as well. To ensure that the most beautiful time of the year, our holidays, become what we dreamt they would be, there are 21 bike hotels and many cycling-friendly establishments throughout SalzburgerLand. Here, everything is just right with the proximity to the best bike paths and cycling routes, the infrastructure and of course the food on offer that makes our bikers hearts beat a bit faster.

Bicycle-friendly businesses can do more, offer more and are thus incomparable with the normal places which accommodate cyclists. Because here, almost everything is all about two wheels – just as it should be! And of course, providing just that what cyclists really need for their holidays.

The infrastructure

In order for a hotel to be considered as bike friendly, they have to be close to one or more bike routes. Safe places to store bikes as well as maintenance and repair facilities must be provided and be available for use at any time. Because there is no nastier way to wake up, than to have had your bike suddenly and involuntarily change its owner, or suffer from a technical defect which puts an early end to the cycling holiday. Of course, there are also drying facilities for clothing and equipment after a long tour. The bike hotel must provide all bike specific information on its website and provide free internet access on-site.

Special service

The staff at all bike friendly businesses must have a good knowledge of the cycling and biking possibilities in the region. There must also be acceptance and identification of large groups as well as helpfulness and the presence of target group-oriented information. Finally, you should always speak with a local before any tour to find out about the dangers, the weather and the difficulty of your chosen routes. In addition, the food and beverages on offer are also adapted to the needs of cyclists. Here, it is especially important that the dishes do not sit too heavy in one’s stomach yet still refill one’s energy levels after a long tour.

2 Radfahrer am Marktplatz von Golling

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The needs of bikers and cyclists

It often happens of course, that as a cyclist you can only spend one night in accommodation before continuing on again the next day. Here, Bike Hotels must make a one-night stay possible without any extra charge. And even if the duration is so short, a short-term laundry service is offered.

On long distances, it is often not possible that cyclists can take their entire luggage along and thus a luggage transfer service to the next hotel is offered. For holiday-makers and visitors without their own bike, there are well-maintained rental bikes waiting. These must be technically perfect and at the current state of the art. Alone on the Tauern Cycle Path in SalzburgerLand, over 50 bike-friendly businesses are available.

Bed + Bike

Bed + Bike makes it easy for cycling tourists in Germany and the neighbouring countries to find a suitable accommodation. Only those establishments which meet the quality criteria developed by the ADFC (General German Bicycle Club) may adorn the Bed + Bike sign. In Germany there are over 5,400 establishments with over 250 in Austria.
In SalzburgerLand since 2014, more than 40 hotels, guest-houses, B&Bs and camp sites have been included, where cycling guests are especially catered for. All European establishments in the database of the ADFC can be found on

Bike Hotels

Even if hotels for mountain bikers must also meet these criteria to be represented in this category, the service of most of these goes far beyond the minimum requirements. Often, guided tours to the highlights of the region are also offered. In the evenings, cyclists meet in the lounges to exchange ideas. And it often happens that the host joins in with the conversation and shows themselves also as avid bikers. Regardless of where you plan your bike holidays in SalzburgerLand – our bike hotels distributed all over the county are definitely your best choice.



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