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Biking and Cycling

Uphill - Downhill - Straight On

When spring arrives once again in SalzburgerLand, the warming sunrays kiss the Alpine pastures and mountains out of hibernation and the meadows and fields sway gently in the valley wind, then starts the season of bikers and cyclists. Mountain bikers celebrate reaching the summits, road cyclists cover their circuits around the glittering lakes and all prepare themselves for the upcoming competitions. Families spend carefree hours on the cycle paths, E-bikes open up entirely new possibilities and in the bike park and on the trails, Freestylers and Freeriders are all in their element. Here in SalzburgerLand, all bikers and cyclists are always in the right place. Regardless of whether you want to just leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind on a bike, be enticed by one of the major cycling events or simply to experience the beauty of this county in the saddle.

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The last metres to the summit are done, the feelings of happiness are indescribable and the panoramic views are breathtakingly beautiful. Up here the silence is broken only by a few scattered cries from the jackdaws. There is almost nowhere else where you experience the ‘here and now’ as you do here. Anyone who has ever discovered the mountains of the Salzburg Alps on a bike and felt a real summit success knows this feeling exactly. You can not only experience the wonderful mountains and Alpine pastures while soaking up their energy on a mountain bike, but also with an E-Bike.

In the road bike saddle

Down in the valley, road bike racers cycle their circuits through the valleys, alongside the lakes, rivers and streams, and over impressive mountain passes both individually and in small groups. There is almost no other sport which helps you switch off, and let go of stress and everyday life in just a few hours. But not every road racer sees this sport as a way to relax. More and more athletes of all ages take on the challenge of any one of the many competitions or racing series and train throughout the whole season on these highlights. This of course also applies to the growing group of triathletes.

Crazy Bike Park action

Wild and crazy riders are everywhere in the bike parks and on the trails. These bikers test their limits here in Freestyle and Freeride biking. But they don’t just test their limits; they also go beyond them towards the world’s best. These world elite also often meet here in the Salzburg Mountains for internationally recognised competitions, and show that the limits are there to be extended.

Biking and cycling in SalzburgerLand is one of the most beautiful things you can do in the mountains and valleys, the cities and along the lakes and rivers. Regardless of whether you want something more relaxed or if you are hoping to experience an absolute adrenaline kick on a bike. Bikers and cyclists can find everything that belongs to a successful cycling holiday also away from the bike paths, bike parks, trails and roads, with the bike hotels throughout the county and all the bike-friendly businesses. You now just need to get on and ride off!

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