Biking and Cycling

Uphill - Downhill - Straight Ahead

As winter slowly subsides and the first buds of spring appear, the hills of SalzburgerLand come alive with the sound of bike wheels spinning. Mountain bikers celebrate as they conquer a mountain top. Road cyclists put themselves through their paces for upcoming competitions by completing heady laps of glistening lakes. Families and leisure cyclists while away the hours on picturesque cycle paths. Freestylers and freeriders strut their stuff in the bike parks and trails of the region. Unseasoned cyclists find a world of new possibilities opened up to them on e-bikes.

Whether you’re looking for a bit of exercise and time out from your busy schedule, are gearing up for one of the many prestigious cycling competitions in the region or you simply want to experience the unrivalled beauty of SalzburgerLand from your saddle, this region has much to offer.

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You’ve just put the last few metres of the mountain summit behind you and the feelings of exhilaration are indescribable. Reaching the top with a breathtakingly beautiful panorama and views as far as the eye can see, the silence is punctuated only by a few cries of the jackdaw, and never before have you felt so grounded in the here and now.

Whoever has powered their way through the Salzburg Alps on two wheels and achieved the hotly coveted peak victory knows this exact feeling. You can also take in the beautiful Alpine world in by e-bike and an increasing number of people are finding this out for themselves.

Back down in the valley, cyclists zoom around the lakes, rivers and streams in the valley. There’s a crazy hub of activity in the bike parks and trails. Freestylers and freeriders alike push themselves to the limit jostling for position amongst the global elite who return time and again to the Salzburg Mountains. Professional and amateur cyclists and triathletes swarm around the starting line for one of the region’s many internationally renowned sporting competitions. This region really does pack a punch on the competition and events circuit, showing the world what it’s made of.

SalzburgerLand is simply set up for cycling. Its natural arena of lakes, mountains and valleys offers up ideal challenges and conditions: a varied mix of challenging inclines, heady drops, the ideal combination of on and off road, and perfectly paved routes in urban areas. In addition, the e-bike infrastructure, bike parks, routes and trails are second to none. You can even stay at a Bike Hotel on your SalzburgerLand biking adventure to ensure that everything about your holiday really does revolve around two wheels.

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