Mountain Biking in SalzburgerLand

In SalzburgerLand, mountain bikers can let off steam as the fancy takes them

SalzburgerLand offers mountain bikers the ideal possibilities for every taste and every level. The bike regions here push every biker to their own personal limit and make dreams come true with the numerous trails and bike parks.

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How do you feel as a mountain biker when you reach that summit with your very last ounce of energy and are rewarded for your efforts over the last hours with absolutely breathtaking views? Indescribable! The adrenaline rush that shoots into every corner of the body just before you go over the biggest kicker in the bike park? Simply awesome! Or the reward for all that effort, the hardships of training and the countless times you overcame your inner laziness, when you finally ride through your goal and let your emotions run wild? This is what’s worth living for!

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