Bike Trails in Salzburgerland

Pure freedom while Freeriding through the mountains

Freeriding on the many trails in SalzburgerLand is one of the most diverse and exciting things that can be experienced on a bike. Here you have everything from the after-work-tour on the latest lines in the Bike Parks, to lonely trails with views of the highest mountains in the land, and onto the 65km long, 5 gondola XXL Freeride Tour 'Big-5 Bike Challenge' between Saalbach Hinterglemm and Leogang, where you easily cover 5,000 metres in altitude. In this sense: get out of your comfort zone and get on your bike. There is so much to discover.

The amount of new trails on offer in SalzburgerLand grows year on year. The newest one is the Matzalmtrail in the heart of the SaalfeldenLeogang Bike Region and the Singletrail Großarl Valley, which runs from the mountain station of the Hochbrand cable car down into the valley and is the first of its kind in the Großarl Valley!

Further examples are the Flow Trail Hochkönig, the Hirschleiten Trail (Wagrain-Kleinarl), the Bertahof Trail (Gastein), the Wetterkreuz Trail high above Unken (Salzburg’s Saalach Valley) or the “reworked” Pro-Line on the Reiterkogel in Saalbach Hinterglemm.

To avoid that you can no longer see the wood for the trees and to shed light on the trails, we have compiled the following overview for bikers with all the new trails also included. The classification of the trails in in difficulty levels (hard, medium and easy), as well as the German Single Trail Scale (S1-S5) should also help you to make the right choice. Have fun browsing, biking and always come back! (see info box below)

This way for fans of bike parks in SalzburgerLand.

Saalbach Hinterglemm

Around the Reiterkogelbahn

BLUE LINE – easy

The flowing trail with simple Northshore elements, waves and tables is ideal for Freeride rookies and also Soulriders. 2.6km, 430m altitude

PRO LINE – difficult

Playful trail across forest floors. Studded with rocky parts, many cool elements and some variants for advanced bikers. The highlights: Drop Variations and Evil Eye Trail. The Pro Line is the steep variant next to the Blue Line: only 2.3km but over 430m altitude

EVIL EYE TRAIL – difficult (S4)

Challenging trail with Northshore Ladders. Spectacular over ramps and bridges and through trees and rocks. Countless highlights: Drop Battery, tree trunk, step down etc. Suitable for experts only! 500m, 120m altitude

HOCHALM TRAIL – medium (S2)

Exciting, natural Enduro track with everything that makes a Trailbiker’s heart beat faster – steep passages, stream crossings, switchbacks, root and rock fields. 7.2km, 500m uphill, 1,000m downhill


Beautifully landscaped single trail which brings a bit of spice into every mountain bike tour on the Reiterkogel. Ideal for Enduro and touring riders! 1.3km, 150m altitude


Natural single trail with very little gradient. Can be combined well with the Hochalm Trail. Ideal for that first mountain bike tour. 700m, 50m altitude


The Pumptrack at the Reiterkogel Valley Station is a great fun sport park which can be equally used by bikers, skateboarders, inline skaters and scooter riders. The waves and strips of the track are designed so that you can stay on the move using your own motion. As if by magic, you move by means of pumping on this endless wave and gain both speed and skill from time to time. Additional pedalling is no longer necessary for experienced riders.

©DavidSchultheiß-SalzburgerLand Tourismus – In SalzburgerLand every biker will find the the trail which seems made just for them.

Around the Kohlmais-Gipfelbahn


Easy and wide trail over 2.9km and 380m altitude. With generous curves, flat wooden elements, small waves and tables for those first jumps — ideal for Freeride rookies and kids.


Light, natural trail over 1.3km and 150m altitude, with light tables, strips and jumps that are fun even at slow speeds.

WURZEL TRAIL – difficult (S3)

Natural trail with a lot of roots just below the mountain ridge, which can be ridden in both directions. (3.4km, 100m altitude).

EGGER TRAIL – easy (S1)

Natural single trail without much altitude, which can be ridden in both directions. (1.2km).

HÖLLEN TRAIL – difficult (S3)

The home trail of the Spielberg house – playful and varied trail with variable lines. Short and sweet! With drops, strips, wall-rides, log-rides and rockers only for experienced bikers! 500m, 50m altitude


Pump track personally created by Daniel Schäfer, Harald Philipp and the Innkeeper Walter, behind the Spielberg House.


Perfect combination for Enduro riders and Freeriders from Saalbach to Leogang. At the end of the trail at the Asitzbahn cable car mountain station, you find the entrance to the Bikepark Leogang. 1.5km, 50m uphill, 100m downhill

Around the Schattberg X-Press

X-LINE powered by Conti difficult

Varied, natural trail across meadows, stones and forest floors with many jumps, strips, tricky roots and technology sections. Great fun for experienced bikers with variants for pros. One of the longest Freeride routes in Europe. 6.8km and 1,025m altitude of non-stop action.


Natural and flowing single trail with a breath taking mountain panorama which you can take at high speed but also offers as much fun for the slightly slower, more cautious trail pilots. A seemingly never-ending descent over 6km and 600m altitude.


A natural single trail for Freeriders and CC riders over 3.5km and 420m altitude. The Buchegg trail is the new track at the bottom of the Bergstadl and Hacklberg trails.

BERGSTADL TRAIL difficult (S4)

The demanding alternative to the Hacklberg trail. A natural single trail with meadows, stones and forest passages. The 600 metres altitude is dealt with here over 3.1km.


Natural single trail with many stones and roots in a wonderful natural setting. 1.4km, 300m altitude

©DavidSchultheiß-SalzburgerLand Tourismus – Uphill and down dale into the valley.

Around the Zwölferkogelbahn

Z-LINE medium

From the mid-station this line meanders over 3.7km and 450m altitude into the valley. With countless strips, wallrides, Northshore passages and waves, tables and smaller drops which allow a slow approach to the trail albeit with options to circumnavigate. Absolute highlight: the first Wallride with integrated action-snapshot-station!


The “riding technique centre” with a new Pumptrack is perfectly connected to the Z-line and can be reached via the Sports Centre in Hinterglemm.

Further info on the trails can be found on the interactive trail map.

Big-5 Bike Challenge

For those who love a special challenge and also pushing oneself to one’s limits, you will want to experience the 65 kilometre long ‘5 Gondola XXL Freeride Tour’ between Saalbach Hinterglemm and Leogang. Over 5,000m altitude many of the two regions’ trails are integrated. A very special experience!
Further information on this very special experience.


Bikepark Leogang

SPEEDSTER (Downhill / World Championship route) – difficult

Length: 2.3km. The technically most demanding route is a combination of steep sections in the fall line, with tight corners, roots and high speed sections. 480m altitude

FLYING GANGSTER (Freeride) – medium

A medium difficulty route for rookies and pros, with numerous Wallrides, strips, jumps, North Shore elements and optional drops of up to 3 metres. 2.6km, 460m altitude

BONGO BONGO TRAIL (Freeride) – difficult

This trail for pros branches off over half of the Flying Gangster. The trail runs almost exclusively in the forest with North Shore elements, strips and drops. 2.5km, 460m altitude

BROKEN HEART TRAIL (Northshore) – difficult

This 400m-long Broken Heart Trail runs parallel to the Bongo Bongo and is a pure Northshore line with balance beams, drops, step ups… Only for experts and good riders!

HANGMAN I (single trail) – difficult

This single trail stretches from the mountain station to the middle station and is technically demanding with narrow trails meandering through the forest and down the slope below the gondola. In the forest, riders can expect small root passages and North Shore elements. 2.4km, 450m altitude

HANGMAN II (single trail) – easy

From the East side of the middle station to the valley station of the Asitzbahn cable car. This trail is a nice, pleasant route on which you can test your skills before going onto other routes. Ideal for the Downhillers and Freeriders of the future. It is especially ideal for beginners due to its construction but still represents an alternative for biking experts. 3.25km, 430m altitude

NEW: HOT SHOTS fired by GoPro – easy

This approx. 3.5km new trail starts at the Asitz mountain station and offers fun for all skill levels. With a width of approx. two metres this idyllic route meanders through the forest, with easily navigable tables, waves and strips all the way down to the middle station. 445m altitude

FLOW MASTER (Dirt Jump Park) – difficult

The park consists of nine large jumps and two curves. This Dirtline, which is known from the 26TRIX Contest, stretches across the slope above the valley station. En-route there are an additional three small jumps.

LUMBERJACK TRAIL (North Shore Park) – medium

For rookies and pros. North Shore ladders and logs in widths of 15 to 80cm wind their way down the slope, with Rainbow Bridge, Wallrides and five metre drops. Lumberjack-line / Dropline: 350m, 8 drops (1-4.5m), two Step Downs & five metre high Wallride.

GOPRO BAGJUMP – for all skill levels!

Riders of all skill levels use the huge air-cushion to practice new tricks or to simply fly through the air – risk and pain free. The Bagjump has replaced the conventional foam pit and allows even more daring stunts thanks to its size and air cushioning. It is accessible only in dry weather conditions.


The Riders Playground, next to the valley station, serves as a training ground for one’s first experiences on a mountain bike – a “playground” for both big and small.

More information on the trails in the Bike Park

Outside of the bike park

GUNZI TRAIL – easy (S1)

A short but varied circuit. This forest trail is ideal for beginners and also for E-mountain bikes! 7.6km, 250m altitude

Gunzenreit is actually the name of the farm close by, which local bikers have named the “Gunzi”.

NEW: MATZALM TRAIL – medium (S2)

Beautiful, varied single trail with root passages with some tight bends, going past the Matzalm and Embachalm and guarantees a great view. Combining an Uphill and Downhill will take you on a 16km long circuit. Or, you can bike from the Asitz Mountain Station to the start of the Matzalmtrail!

©DavidSchultheiß-SalzburgerLand Tourismus – The most beautiful way to experience the evening!

Salzburger Saalach Valley


Short and sweet, and with a character a little bit like the rocky paths on Lake Garda – so the trail is dry. It’s pure pleasure and quite tricky, when it has rained. 2.5km, 200m altitude. Ideal for integration into the 24 km-long panoramic tour around the Dietrichshorn as a variation for the last descent between Liedersberg and Reitbrücke.


A new trail on an old Alpine route with unique views of the Reither and Loferer Steinberge. It’s around two kilometres from the Wetterkreuz down across roots and rocks, with small technical challenges to overcome. Both bikers and hikers are allowed on the new trail thanks to a “Fair Play” solution.

This trail is included in the 19-kilometre long Wetterkreuz Trail Circuit.

More information can be found on the official website of the Salzburg Saalach Valley.



The first mountain bike Flowtrail in the Hochkönig region promises pure riding pleasure. The 2.2km long trail starts at the dorfj@t mountain station at Natrun (Maria Alm) and is ideal for beginners and families. The 285 metres of altitude offer a very chilled out experience for Singletrail professionals!


The new natural Flowtrail in Dienten am Hochkönig runs along a stretch of about four kilometres and around 550 metres of altitude. Guaranteed action for the whole family! The first, 2 km-long section of the trail was completed in the summer of 2017! The Flowtrail starts below the reservoir at the Bürglalm at approximately 1,500m altitude and ends at 950m above sea level at the Dienten football field. You can best reach the Bürglalm via the Bürglalm cable car which of course also takes bikes!

More information can be found on the Hochkönig website.

Zell am See-Kaprun



The Geißstein trail is something for speed-freak Downhillers because it is technically not too difficult but rather more flowing. It starts at the Alpine Centre at 2,450 meters above sea level and covers about three kilometres, half of which is the finest trail pleasure, and ends at Langwiedboden at 1,978m altitude. Langwiedboden and the Alpine Centre are connected with cable cars. 3.1 km, 500m altitude

WÜSTLAU TRAIL – difficult

The Wüstlau Trail is something for technique gurus, not for speed freaks, especially as the many hairpin bends require safe handling of the bike. The trail descends from Langwiedboden (1,978m) down to Wüstlau (871m). Four of the nearly eight kilometres are real single trails. For those who want even more, on the road you can quickly reach the valley station of the Gletscherbahn at 911 metres above sea level. 7.7km, 1,070m altitude


Completely natural and demanding trail. Entry to the trail (Astenweg turn 4) is reached from the Maiskogel or the Langwiedboden (Kaprun glacier cable car) via the Eder Grundalm. The circuit from the Eder Grundalm down to the Schneckenreith Alpine Dairy is 5.2 kilometres long with 100m ascent and 600m descent.

Info can be found on the Kitzsteinhorn website.


Bike Park Wagrain

UPPER “ON AIR” – easy

Flowing, man-made shaped trail with Roll In and Table Tops. The absolute highlight is the legendary Monster Wallride in the upper section. Thanks to the continuous solid width of the trail, both the upper and lower On Air sections are ideal for trying out Freeriding. All obstacles can be circumnavigated by using the “Chicken ways”. Fun on every level!

LOWER “ON AIR” – easy

A continuation in the style of the upper “On-Air” with wide, open strips with plenty of room for fun! Total length of “On-Air” is 1.87km

SYMPHONY – difficult

This man-made shaped trail, in the lower section of the park, can be called the dynamic masterpiece with its many “ups and downs”. Adrenaline kicks & lots of airtime on the various obstacles are guaranteed. Step ups, step downs, tables, rainbows… The Symphony is classified by the obstacles along the route as a difficult trail, but is also easily rideable for weaker riders thanks to the many bypasses. (590m).

ANGRY ANTS – difficult

With many root passages, in the fall line over 200 metres of single trail.

NAIL GAMES – medium

A 320m long variant that leads behind the Monster Wall Ride and is considered an ideal connection onto Angry Ants.

R’NB NORTHSHORE – difficult

For real Northshore experts this is a challenge. Skinny lines between the trees. Definitely a line for experts! (260m).

LILLY’S TREAT – medium

A “treat” for all those who are hot for Flow. The man-made shaped 1.1km long trail is, in contrast to “ON AIR”, significantly narrower and has the feeling of a single trail. This trail meanders across perfect strips, countless rollers and tables, down into the valley over a length of one kilometre. This new Freeride trail has been setup with input from Gravity Logic’s Tom Prochazka!

MEMORIES – difficult

School single track in the lower section of the park. Fast, slow, technically difficult – here there is everything that is fun for the experienced rider. (490m).

HARD ROCK – difficult

Newly opened in 2015, this trail starts directly at the Flying Mozart mountain station and goes downhill over 3.7 kilometres. This track is classified more for the experienced Freerider, not only because of its length but also by the many root passages on this natural single trail.

Further info on the trails 

Outside of the bike park


This new trail starts about 300m below the Kleinarl Hut and the Kurzeggalm! From the initially comfortable trail across the Alpine pastures, it becomes a real carpet of roots in the lower section. 3km, 400m altitude. This trail considerably shortens the 25 kilometre long Kleinarl Circuit through its ‘direct descent’ down into Kleinarl.



The first single trail in the Gastein Valley! The start is in the vicinity of the Streitberghof between Bad Gastein and Bad Hofgastein. At the beginning, it’s medium steep below the Tauern cable car and then with a good flow it’s a lot of fun through the forest. At the end, it gets slightly more technical again! By the way: the trail ends close to the Gastein bathing lake! 830m, 200m altitude.

Grossarl Valley


Since 2nd July, 2017 the first single trail in the Grossarl Valley has also been open. This newly built trail runs from the mountain station of the Hochbrand cable car through forest and mountain meadows down to Großarl. (3.3km, 450m altitude).

Extra tip: E-Trail-Park at the Zapfenhütte near the mountain station!

Further info about the trail 

Easy, Medium, Difficult Classifications

The mountain bike circuits are classified as easy, medium or difficult according to stamina requirements. Easy is suitable for beginners and early intermediates. Medium is suitable for intermediates and performance oriented bikers.

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