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Burnout prevention

Tips and ideas for relaxation

We’ve all experienced the rat race of everyday life. Rushing from appointment to appointment, trying to please everybody, running a household, family and holding down a job – these things can be very draining. At the first signs of burnout, you should react quickly and say stop! It is time to reflect and listen to your inner voice. Just for once, to forget about worries and sorrows and learn to enjoy life again. And there’s nowhere better to do this than on a holiday.

Wellness Holidays in SalzburgerLand

As a start, we recommend a spa weekend in SalzburgerLand. To lean back and recover, enjoy a relaxing massage, experience the warmth of a stone pine wood sauna, stretch out comfortably in the wonderful, fragrant flower baths, centre yourself during outdoor yoga. A spa holiday in SalzburgerLand offers you all this and much more!

The hoteliers underline the importance of guests’ health and well-being. Many have even devised hotel packages that are specifically aimed at people at risk of burnout. You can for instance book a “day for me” at Kranzbichlhof **** am Dürrnberg. A special day to recharge your batteries with a facial, treatments to release energy blockages and a 3-course Ayurveda menu.

Farm Holidays

Get back to nature and reflect on the true values in life. A holiday on the farm gives you the opportunity to appreciate and love the simple things again. To be tickled on the nose by the first sunrays in the early morning and to wake up to the crowing of a cock. When the breakfast table is set with fresh milk and all kinds of homemade treats from the farm kitchen, then stress is quickly forgotten and it is easy to live for the day.
Many farm hosts are happy to incorporate a helping hand if guests want to join in daily farm life. A stable might be cleaned, cows milked or hay brought in.

Junges Paar vor dem Bauerngarten eines alten Bauernhauses

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus –  Vacation at the farm

TIP: Those who want a total summer getaway can look for one of the coveted jobs in a mountain hut in SalzburgerLand. You might prepare breakfast for guests, take care of animals, help with the harvest, bake bread and make butter.

Even those who don’t want to be a mountain hut keeper will definitely feel at home in one of the numerous huts or in the comfortable hut villages. Many huts in SalzburgerLand offer the luxury of an absolutely secluded location! Here, you can safely leave the world behind, stretch out and relax. In winter, you get cosy with a good book in front of the fireplace after a ski or snowshoe tour. In summer, the fireplace is exchanged for the sunny bench in front of the hut. It is advisable to book early as the most beautiful huts are highly sought after.

Almhütte mit grünen Fensterläden und bunten Blumen im Sonnenschein

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus, Achim Meurer – Holidays at the alpine hut

If you want a hut holiday without sacrificing comfort, then a stay in one of the incomparable Salzburg Alpine hut villages is for you. The idyllic wooden houses are all traditionally decorated with great attention to detail. Sauna, hot tub and fireplace are standard features.

Alpine Summer in SalzburgerLand Hiking

Enjoyable hiking can be extremely meditative and relaxing – it does not always have to be a climb to the summit. There are plenty of comfortable tours from pasture to pasture in SalzburgerLand. The Salzburger Almenweg trail with a total of 350 kilometres winds through all holiday destinations in the Pongau region. Along the way, there are 120 mountain huts that invite you to stop and stay. Gaze at the sunset amidst the mountains and experience the summer world of dairymaids and herdsmen with their animals – this too can be perfect burnout prevention!

Paar läuft Händchenhaltend durch die grüne Almwiese

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus –  Alpine summer

Are you used to constant new challenges in your job? Then get prepared for the same during your holidays in SalzburgerLand! Get to know your limits, overcome them, try something new! This is what a guided tour to the summit of the 3,203 metre high Kitzsteinhorn offers you. Accompanied by a certified mountain guide, you will have any possible support. Gradually moving upwards, step by step. If you’re too eager, you’ve already lost! The air grows thin but the feeling of freedom grows more. Once at the top, you will be rewarded by the power of the high alpine mountain summits and the elation of achievement.


Another form of burnout prevention is going on a pilgrimage. Whether it’s the Arnoweg trail, the Salzburg St James’s Way or the Path of St Rupert, to mention just a few in SalzburgerLand, they have one thing in common: the journey is the reward. And in order to achieve this goal step by step, it needs time and patience. Time to reflect on your own life, to get back to what really matters and to find yourself (again). In short, to recharge your batteries for everyday life!

Wanderer genießt den Rundblick am Jakobsweg

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus – Tourist at Jakobsweg

Holidays in the Monastery

You get to know a completely different way of life during a holiday in a monastery. Nine monasteries in SalzburgerLand open their doors for guests. In addition to an insight into life in the monastery, rest and relaxation can mainly be found here – perfect also for stressed managers or mothers. (interner Link Spirituelles Reisen Unterkünfte)


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