Holidays in the monastery

Time out from your daily routine behind monastery walls

Exchange your daily routine for monastic life. Why not? There are certainly not many holidays where you can or even have to distance yourself as much from everyday life as you do in a monastery.

You dive into a completely different life, and often you do not even have to travel far. Even if the distance between home and the monastery walls is not very great, within these walls a completely new world opens up.

The reasons may be varied why people decide for a time out in a monastery, but all of them have one thing in common: after this somewhat different kind of holiday, your attitude to life will surely be different.

Why do people take holidays in a monastery at all? Men and women alike are attracted to this type of experience. Managers, mothers, single people, family people, believers, or non-believers – they all carry their own ‘baggage’. Inside the monastery walls, this baggage can stay outside. Here you pray and meditate, and practise fasting and silence!

A day in the monastery

In the Capuchin Monastery atop Kapuzinerberg, high above the old town of Salzburg, Father’s Week is held several times a year. The day begins with meditation, choral prayer, Eucharistic celebration and a joint breakfast. For the rest of the day, guests have time to be spiritually inspired by the Lord’s Prayer. Or they can look for personal inspiration outside the monastery walls during a walk across the mountain or through the city. At the end of the day, after vespers, silence and dinner, it is time to share the thoughts and experiences of the day.

Monasteries in Salzburg

If you look over the roofs of Salzburg’s old town from the aforementioned Capuchin Monastery, another Salzburg town mountain, the Mönchsberg, comes into view. In the middle of this idyllic green space, the monks of the Pallottiner Order have their home. The adjoining Johannes Schlössl castle is run as a guest house. Whether you are looking for spiritual companionship or just want to enjoy the peace of the Mönchsberg, everyone will find their personal time out here!
Tip: If you want to have only a little time out, visit the daily Eucharistic celebration of the Pallottines. Particularly recommended is the annual Christmas service on 24th December.

Another place where people can retreat to gain distance from everyday life is the Embach spiritual centre. Not only Christians but also people from all religions are welcome to this historic building. This creates an uncomplicated co-operation that allows a different view of the world.
Tip: In the Embach spiritual centre, you can also test your skills in the art of icon painting.

At the retreat and education centre of the Benedictine abbey in Michaelbeuern you can also find peace, tranquillity and a place to reinvigorate. In addition to classic offers such as retreats, retreat days and religious ceremonies, this monastery can also serve as simply a holiday destination in the midst of the wonderful nature of the SalzburgerLand region of Flachau. Throughout a guided tour, groups get interesting insights into the history of the monastery as well as into the life and work of the monks.

Healing places

All the accommodations mentioned have teamed up with others under the “Healing Places” umbrella. In addition to cordial hospitality, these healing places offer peace and serenity. All the houses are surrounded by the untouched nature of SalzburgerLand. Mighty trees, quiet gardens and extensive parks contribute to your escape from everyday life. The offers are aimed at people who are looking for exactly this kind of retreat in order to replenish themselves. A time out in the monastery can also prevent an imminent burnout! This kind of holiday is definitely worth it for mind, body and soul.

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