Summer in SalzburgerLand

Following your heart, feeling free and happy, and giving meaning to life. Celebrating being together, consciously appreciating the beauty of nature, seizing the moment and collecting memories.

We live for all of that!

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The desire for enjoyment, experiences and activity, and the urge to get moving and make discoveries has never been greater than now. That’s why we want to live life to the full this summer in SalzburgerLand: in hidden Alpine pastures, magnificent concert halls, rustic taverns, in the face of impressive glaciers, on glittering mountain lakes, in mysterious castles, cool gorges, and with the sweetest Salzburger Nockerln fluffy dessert.

In SalzburgerLand there is the opportunity for individual freedom, strong emotions and happy moments. We live for that!

Those moments of happiness that remain with us for a long time really do exist. One example is watching the early-morning sunrise from the peak of the Gamskarkogel mountain. It’s so spectacular that even the last uttered word falls silent. The world appears small from up there. Small and yet at the same time large and beguiling. The mountain range on the pinkish horizon resembles an intricately designed ornamental border. The scent of freshly brewed coffee wafts across from the mountain hut on a gentle breeze, and you can see a chamois standing at the other end of the meadow. A thought takes root and manifests itself in the overwhelming feeling: “We live for just that”. You will have that same sensation when taking the first bite of thick crusty farmer’s bread, coated generously with alpine butter and herb cheese, after a challenging bike tour. Or in the fleeting moment in which a marmot curiously pushes its nose out of its burrow. A solo concert of our favourite pianist also causes this deeply felt “we live for that” emotion. And it’s particularly true in that moment when you hold your breath before plunging from the wooden jetty, emerging seconds later from the crystal-clear turquoise coloured water of the lake.

2022 summer holidays in SalzburgerLand are equivalent to a single emphatic “we live for that” moment, which will turn into one of those “do you remember?” moments.

Remembered over and over again, recounted and treasured for years to come.

Our hosts also know what makes life worth living.  The people who work on the Alpine pastures, who serve up the finest food to hikers during the Salzburg Alpine Summer season. Mountain guides, National Park rangers, tour guides of power places who show nature lovers the most beautiful spots before bringing them back safely again. The hoteliers and their families who know their guests by name. The gourmet chefs who will personally ask if you’re enjoying the food. Genuine hospitality can be a vocation. In SalzburgerLand this happens all the time. And part of the hospitality this summer is also the feeling of security of being able to rely on particularly accommodating and flexible cancellation and rebooking options.

Summer is coming to SalzburgerLand. It’s high time to experience moments of happiness that will stay with you forever.

We live for that!


Salzburg, the stage of the world Salzburg is waiting for you!
Magical moments of happiness in SalzburgerLand We live for that!
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