Pure mountain lakes

SalzburgerLand’s crystal-clear mountain lake offer up numerous activities for a bit of rest and relaxation

Hardly any other element lends itself to pure relaxation as much as water. Take a long indulgent soak in it to feel your muscles relax and to feel revitalised and full of energy. Feel your body being cleansed and detoxed from the inside out. Drink it in cool ready gulps and it’s as though every cell of your body has been filled with life itself.

Consider SalzburgerLand’s countless opportunities to reap the benefits of this life-giving element. SalzburgerLand’s mountain lakes offer oases of peace and quiet. Here you can look at the surrounding mountain peaks reflected in the peaceful waters, accompanied only by the sound of birdsong and the babbling of a small brook. Reward yourself with an invigorating jump into cold clear water after a mountain hike on a hot summer’s day. Breath-taking beauty of nature, fresh Alpine air and peace and quiet offer optimal conditions to completely switch off and recharge your batteries.

Here are some tips on how you can treat yourself to some pure relaxation time in SalzburgerLand’s top-notch mountain lakes.

Mountain lakes: Rest and relaxation at airy heights.

SalzburgerLand is blessed with a variety of wonderful mountain lakes. Each and every one is unique and has its own special beauty. The following five lakes in particular are well worth a visit.

Tappenkarsee in Kleinarl

Hike from idyllic Lake Jägersee through a picturesque landscape and onto a plateau, where a breath-taking view of one of the biggest mountain lakes in the Eastern Alps awaits. If you don’t feel like the walk, you can always reach it by road. Whichever way you decide to get there, the nearby mountain huts in the Kleinarl region invite you to stop off for a rest and refreshments.

Prebersee in Tamsweg

The Prebersee, nestled at 1,514 m above sea level, is famed as a secluded lake with unique healing powers. A fascinating themed hiking path informs you about rare plants, while traditional huts serve up a fantastic selection of homemade specialities. Every August marksmen from all over the world gather here for the Prebersee Lake Water Target Shooting Event, a remarkable spectacle which has run since 1834. The Prepersee Lake Water Target Shooting was even visited by Walt Disney.

Seewaldsee in St. Koloman

Nicolas Cage fell in love with this idyllic spot when he came here to shoot his Hollywood film, Season of the Witch. Aside from the Alpine pastures surrounding the lake and the many hiking opportunities, there are also many rare flowers scattered throughout the countryside just waiting to be discovered. The lake lies only 30 minutes away from the city of Salzburg, and is the perfect spot for a day trip.

Harrbergsee in Scheffau

Located next to the Scheffau hiking and bike path and close to Lammerklamm gorge, the Harrbergsee lake is just waiting to be discovered. Walks in the view of the impressive Salzburger mountain ranges are a memorable experience, especially for children. Indulge in tasty regional delicacies along the way.

Reedsee in Gastein

The Reedsee Lake is surrounded by an ancient mountain forest and breath-taking Alpine peaks, and its tranquil waters are as still as a mirror. At 1,831m above sea level, it is one of the most beautiful places in SalzburgerLand and people of all ages are drawn to it.

© TVB Piesendorf Niedernsill - am Ziel des Weges mit einem herrlichen Panorama belohnt werden. © TVB Piesendorf Niedernsill – beautiful mountain lake
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