Water-rich city of Salzburg & surroundings

Still & sparkling

What would Salzburg and the surrounding towns be without their water? The life-giving element is encountered everywhere. Whether it is at the Residence Fountain, which recounts an era when the powerful prince-archbishops send their “water riders” to the springs of the Untersberg mountain range every day in order to attain the excellent mountain water; in Hellbrunn, where the world-famous trick fountains enchant visitors from all over the world to this very day; or on the laid-back city beaches where people in the city of Mozart obtain fervently desired cooling in the summer and spend relaxed hours. On a hike through the Glasenbach Gorge you can learn interesting facts about early life, before people could savour the brewed and distilled treasures from the moor in Anthering. Salzburg and its water – a story which began in bygone days and will shape the environment as well as the people living here for a long time to come!

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