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Alpine Health Region

Health Care on Holiday

“Nature offers us everything we need,” said the scholar Paracelus. In SalzburgerLand, the natural healing powers for body and soul are at home. Whether at the Krimml Waterfalls, where the spray has been proven to have a healing effect on asthmatics and allergy sufferers, or in the Gastein healing caves, which have a pain-relieving effect with their unique radon treasures. When hiking in front of breath-taking mountain scenery, we strengthen our immune system and thereafter pamper ourselves in one of the six soothing spas. Drawing strength from nature.

That's what we live for!

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SalzburgerLand is characterised by its unique nature. To prove that this nature is not just beautiful scenery, there are diverse natural mineral springs and health resources. If you need more than just a holiday, you’re in good hands in SalzburgerLand. Here, problems such as allergies, asthma, chronic pain, or cardiovascular diseases can be alleviated. Special coaching and sports programs ensure good health also in the long term. And even dialysis patients find here suitable offers.

The “SalzburgerLand Alpine health region” initiative was founded to bring together all these competencies. It includes partners from various sectors – from Spa hotels to modern health centres. The project is supported by research and science experts from the Paracelsus Medical University of Salzburg (PMU). And all have a common goal: the health and the well-being of their guests.

Re-thinking health

Holidays in SalzburgerLand are firstly about distancing yourself from the daily routine, unhealthy habits and stress. Even just a change of scenery makes relaxing easier. Add to this massages, soothing baths or extensive sauna sessions and natural movement in the mountains. Simply due to the altitude, the circulation is re-energised and a simple walk is enough to do something for your own fitness. The partners of the “SalzburgerLand Alpine health region” have special programs on offer; from fitness courses through to physiotherapy. In addition, there are more health-promoting offers such as Ayurveda courses, power sleeping, forest spas, muscle relaxation, kinesiologic stress coaching or metabolic analysis to bring body, mind and soul back into harmony.

Help with chronic conditions

The Krimml Waterfalls offer a unique and more natural way to improve chronic complaints over the long term. Its water spray is a fine particled and ion saturated s and breathable aerosol, which has been shown to positively affect lung diseases such as Asthma. In addition, around the Krimml waterfalls holiday-makers enjoy the offers of certified allergy-friendly hotels from Hohe Tauern Health.

Enjoy top-class medicine

In the modern health centres in SalzburgerLand, experienced doctors are on hand for holiday-makers. Thus, even people with limited or no kidney function for example, can here enjoy their holiday thanks to the dialysis unit in the Spa Centre in Bad Hofgastein. On a longer holiday you can get treatments for eye problems, chronic inflammatory pain, cruciate ligament injuries or impaired hips.

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