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Pain therapy for Rheumatism

The healing effect of the Gastein Healing Caves

It is a happy coincidence of nature that in the Gastein Valley the anti-inflammatory and pain relieving gas Radon is present in numerous hot springs. There are 17 in total, from which up to 1,000m high and 46 degrees water bubbles up. Enriched with this effective Radon gas coming from the rocks of the mountains, the springs provide the thermal baths in the holiday region of Gastein and the world's largest treatment centre for Bechterew’s disease, and the Gastein healing caves with healthy water vapour and warmth.

About 12,000 people, including many rheumatic patients, annually use the unique climate of the caves, as well as additional therapy offers in the Gastein Valley. “For the treatment of rheumatic pain we have many ways such as the Radon baths, vapour baths and as the most intense and most effective alternative healing caves treatment,” says Dr Bertram Hölzl, Chief Physician of the Gastein Healing Caves. For over 50 years, the tunnels, where once gold was prospected, have been used for the therapy of various illnesses. These also include chronic rheumatic diseases like Fibromyalgia and Arthritis.

The effectiveness of the healing climate in the caves has been scientifically proven for rheumatoid arthritis and Bechterew’s disease. “But also in other inflammatory and degenerative rheumatic diseases, the Radon therapy in the Healing Caves is very effective,” says Dr. Bertram Hölzl. Radon is a bio-stimulant which regulates and normalises the body’s immune system. This inert gas is absorbed through the respiratory tract and the skin and releases healing and anti-inflammatory messenger substances. From therapy in the Gastein healing caves, 80 percent of patients are pain-free for over a year, the inflammation in the body is significantly reduced and the quality of life improved.

The following partners support you in your pain treatment

Gasteiner Spa and Health Partners

Enjoy a relaxing holiday time in the Alps in addition to medically sound rheumatism therapy in the Gastein Valley in the middle of SalzburgerLand. The Gastein Spa and Health Partners are here to help with this. You can get to know the health offer during a short trip or stay longer for treatment.

Appropriate health packages include stays from 14 days to three weeks. With them, you can individually use the therapy offers on-site at the hotel of your choice. “For any Rheumatoid patient who has never been with us, I personally would recommend a course of treatment in the Gastein healing caves with a combination of appropriate physical therapy, to get started”, says Dr Bertram Hölzl. Thanks to the professional combination of therapeutic and tourist offers in the Gastein Valley, a relaxing health holiday awaits you here.

The Bad Gastein Rock Spa is located high up at 1,100m above sea level in the middle of the historic spa town of Bad Gastein. It offers comfortable temperatures in swimming and relaxation pools, as well as a panoramic Spa area with various saunas and solariums. In the attached treatment building, a spa visit can be extended with a Radon thermal underwater therapy or a Radon thermal bath. Of course, there are also classic treatments such as massages, physiotherapy, lymphatic drainage or connective tissue massage available as well as the thermal water aerosol inhalation for the relief of respiratory disorders.

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