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Eye Care

Best visual acuity without contact lenses or glasses

Often it only comes with time - the desire to be able to see well without contact lenses or glasses. Then, there are many ways to improve eyesight without the classic tools or methods.

Health tourists in SalzburgerLand can get specialist advice regarding a glasses-free sight from the specialists of COOP Glasses-Free in the newly created Centre for the Treatment of Defective Vision in the EMCO private hospital.

Generally, there is available a laser treatment of the eye cornea (such as Femto LASIK, PRK and ReLEx SMILE) or lens surgery with implantation of a plastic lens. In the latter case, an artificial lens is used in addition to the eye’s own lens or the eye’s lens is replaced by an implant with the appropriate number of dioptre. State of the art surgical techniques make this possible. Comprehensive medical advice is essential in choosing the optimal method for one’s own eyes.

“The patient should get a straightforward idea about the operational possibilities. Together with the doctor, any medical risks and benefits should be weighed honestly”, says Dr. Egon Alzner, Medical Director of the Department of Ophthalmology and Optometry of the EMCO private hospital in bad Dürrnberg. “This means sometimes the decision that it is better to stay with glasses or contact lenses.”
For a possible treatment, the latest and most technically advanced lasers of the ZEISS Company in Germany are available in the EMCO private hospital. They also allow the ReLEx SMILE treatment, a particularly cornea friendly minimally invasive method. All treatments are possible during your health holidays in SalzburgerLand, including the recovery and after-care, which can also take place back at home. For this, you will get all important documents for your own doctor.

The following partners support you with your eye operation

EMCO Clinic in Bad Dürrnberg

Klinikgebäude der Emcoklinik© EMCO – the Emco Clinic on the Dürrnberg

A private health centre is waiting for you in the EMCO Clinic in Bad Dürrnberg. It offers state of the art diagnostics in particular computer tomography, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, laboratory diagnostics, X-ray, cardiology diagnostics and HD endoscopy with fibre glass optics of stomach, intestines and lungs. 120 employees, including 30 doctors and specialists take care of the patients in the areas of general surgery, Ophthalmology (COOP glasses-free with the most modern eye lasers in Austria), dermatology, internal medicine, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, physical medicine, plastic and aesthetic surgery, psychosomatic medicine, trauma surgery and urology.

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