Surgery and Rehabilitation for Movement Disorders

The healing effects of the thermal waters

In addition to experienced physicians and the most modern health centres, a fluke of nature can be used in SalzburgerLand for recovery after surgery or for the treatment of inflammatory disorders: the mineral-containing waters.

“Chronic inflammatory pain, a herniated disc, cruciate ligament injuries or an impaired hip can be treated here on a longer holiday”, says Dr. Hildebert Hutt, Medical Director of Rehabilitation at the Bad Vigaun Medical Centre. “Averagely fit patients recover after hip surgery with us in three to five weeks, and for inflammatory ailments, such as rheumatism, we offer treatments from two to three weeks.”

Many spas and health centres include some Radon-containing spring water in the therapies, in addition to lymphatic drainage, heat treatments, massages or physiotherapy. “It is important for us that the functioning of the movement and locomotion of our patients is fully restored or improved in the long term. That means more quality of life for patients, “says Dr. Hildebert Hutt. Therapy can be started at differing early stages, depending on the type of surgical procedure. Underwater therapy is especially suitable for the early functional training in rehabilitation. A medical study in the Bad Vigaun Medical Centre and the University of Salzburg showed, for example, that patients achieve significant improvements in the flexion and extension of the knee, with finding their balance, in the gait or with their own strength after implantation of knee arthroplasty with an early start of rehab (ten to 15 days after surgery).

One Important Tip: So that your treatment in SalzburgerLand can begin, before the holidays you should at home check your cardio-vascular system and your suitability for an operation if necessary. Any information about pre-existing conditions and already prescribed drugs are equally important for the specialists in SalzburgerLand. “Conversely, our patients receive comprehensive medical information at the end of their stay for going home, such as motion tips to rehab and of course a medical report”, says Dr Hildebert Hutt.

The following partners help your surgery or rehab

Bad Gastein Healing Caves 

Enjoy a relaxing holiday time in the Alps alongside the medically sound rheumatism therapy in the Gastein Valley in the middle of SalzburgerLand. The Gastein Spa and Health Partners are here to help with this. The available health offers can be discovered during a short trip or on a longer stay for treatment. For this, health packages are offered which include a stay of 14 days to three weeks. With these, you can individually use the therapy offers on-site at the hotel of your choice. Thanks to the professional combination of therapeutic and tourist offers in the Gastein Valley, a relaxing health holiday awaits you here.

Around 12,000 people every year use the unique climate of the Gastein healing caves, as well as the additional therapy offers in the Gastein Valley. For over 50 years, the caves have been used for the treatment of various diseases. These include chronic pain and dysfunction in diseases of the locomotion system (e.g. Bechterew’s disease or Fibromyalgia), functional disorders of the respiratory system (e.g. Asthma or hay fever) and errors of regeneration, circulation and immunological balance of the skin (e.g. Eczema or Psoriasis Vulgaris).

Patienten auf ihren Liegen im Gasteiner Heilstollen© Bad Gastein Healing Caves – pain-free through treatments in the Gastein healing caves

EMCO Clinic in Bad Dürrnberg

Klinikgebäude der Emcoklinik© EMCO – the Emco Clinic on the Dürrnberg

A private health centre is waiting for you in the EMCO Clinic in Bad Dürrnberg. It offers state of the art diagnostics in particular computer tomography, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, laboratory diagnostics, X-ray, cardiology diagnostics and HD endoscopy with fibre glass optics of stomach, intestines and lungs. 120 employees, including 30 doctors and specialists take care of the patients in the areas of general surgery, Ophthalmology (COOP glasses-free with the most modern eye lasers in Austria), dermatology, internal medicine, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, physical medicine, plastic and aesthetic surgery, psychosomatic medicine, trauma surgery and urology.

Bad Vigaun Medical Centre

(c) Medizinisches Zentrum Bad Vigaun(c) Bad Vigaun Medical Centre

A single contact person from the first medical talk, to the therapy or surgery and onto the end of a rehabilitation and spa stay: this is the hallmark of the Bad Vigaun Medical Centre. A medical and nursing team treats and accompanies the patient during the entire time in Bad Vigaun. This personal attention creates security and confidence and contributes to a rapid recovery. The Bad Vigaun Medical Centre has a well-equipped clinic with modern operating theatres. The specialities of the prestigious medical teams include orthopaedics, rheumatology, spine diseases, internal medicine, and vascular disease. In addition to the clinic, a modern spa and rehabilitation centre, a health hotel with 4-star comfort and a healing Spa provide a comprehensive medical offer. The thermal waters of the St Barbara spring are applied successfully in the treatment of degenerative and chronic inflammatory diseases of the joints, the spine, after operations, in rheumatic disease, for osteoporosis, fatigue and also for prevention.

Strobl Castle Spa Hotel

a:2:{i:0;a:2:{i:0;s:0:"";i:1;a:0:{}}i:1;s:0:"";}© Strobl Castle Spa Hotel

Many come mostly on the recommendation of former patients who have already found medical help for movement disorders in the Strobl Castle Spa Hotel. Overall, the successful concept here is based on the knowledge that targeted movement therapy can relieve pain. The therapy ranges from simple gymnastics to underwater gymnastics, sensory training, Nordic walking up to medical strength and stamina training. An individual program is compiled for each spa guest and supported by massages, treatments in the warm water and bog, and walks around the Wolfgangsee.

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