Holidays Despite Dialysis

Interesting facts about dialysis on holiday

Holiday dialysis can be found in the Bad Hofgastein Spa Centre overlooking the spacious Alpine Park and the mountains behind it. Thanks to the medical station, people with missing or impaired kidney function can enjoy their holidays in SalzburgerLand and thereby seamlessly continue their medical care. An essential service for dialysis patients.

“The major causes of renal failure are acute renal failure, diabetes, cysts in the kidney or nephritis, the kidney inflammation”, says Prof. Dr. Günther Leiner, Vice President of the European Health Forum Gastein, and Medical Director of the renal dialysis unit in the Bad Hofgastein Treatment Centre. “The kidney is then permanently damaged and can no longer automatically transport the toxins out of the body.” Depending on the diagnosis, the blood cleaning, the so-called dialysis takes three to five hours and must be repeated regularly.

Bad Hofgastein Treatment Centre

Kurzentrum Bad Hofgastein

© Bad Hofgastein Treatment Centre

In the Bad Hofgastein Treatment Centre, dialysis patients get the same medical treatment and professional care in a pleasant atmosphere as at home. Seven units are available for haemodialysis Monday to Friday and by appointment. The personal contact with the medical professionals and competent doctors is easy on the ward. Each patient is individually cared for.
Tip: For best results, you should book the dialysis appointments as far as possible at the same time as booking your trip. A report of the last dialysis at home, as well as a summary report of your attending physician is also very valuable for the rapid and uncomplicated initiation of treatment during the holiday. In the Bad Hofgastein Treatment Centre, a further medical consultation takes place and at the end you get a medical report for home. “After the dialysis, holiday-makers can use the many recreational opportunities in SalzburgerLand. Especially people with weak hearts, which is often the case with dialysis patients, can enjoy the ion-saturated Alpine air on a walk through the woods. It makes it easier for the body to absorb oxygen. A benefit for rehabilitation after surgery and renal diseases”, says Prof. Dr. Leiner.

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