E-Biking on the Tauern Cycle Trail

On the go with gentle mobility

The Tauern Cycle Trail is also worth a trip for E-Bikers. There are now numerous charging stations almost all along the cycle trail, with many regions along the trail being marked as E-Bike regions. In addition, almost all cycle tour organisers have the Tauern Cycle Trail in their programs and also rent E-Bikes for the duration of your tour. Strictly speaking, these are pedelecs as the electric cycling can be supported by pedaling!


Thanks to bike-energy, there is now an almost comprehensive range of charging stations along the Tauern Cycle Trail. They are compatible with all current systems and most are very close to gastronomic businesses. For recharging, you no longer need a home charger with you which are normally useless in poor weather – this saves time and weight. So, as per the motto of “plug in, charge up, ride on” the battery remains secure during the entire charging process and is locked to the e-bike. This also guarantees total safety as there is no need to handle the high voltage (240v).

©Nadia Jabli Photography – Altenmarkt-Zauchensee Tourism

And while the battery is being charged, E-Bikers can enjoy something tasty and recharge their own batteries in one of the local restaurants or inns. But do not plan to stop for long, as the bike-energy stations recharge at twice the speed of other systems.


All bicycles from the cycling tour organiser Eurobike are top quality pedelecs! Created on a frame of KTM bikes, these are modified accordingly for the intended use. The bike is easy to handle due to the central motor, as this results in a better weight distribution and a lower centre of gravity. The total weight is only about 23 kilograms. The power supply of the electric motor comes from a detachable battery, which allows 120 to 180 kilometres in range! An LCD display, the bicycle computer and the power consumption display make them easy to operate. They are set on 28-inch wheels, with three support modes and the 8-speed hub shift ensuring maximum biking pleasure.

Here is an example of E-Bike Package from Eurobike:


Individuality with the E-Bike – for those who want to rent an E-Bike from one place and return it to another place on the Tauern Cycle Trail, there is this option with AVELO in the city of Salzburg. AVELO not only offers high-quality E-Bikes, but also the possibility to borrow the E-Bike in the starting location of Krimml and return it, for example, in Salzburg.

For further information, please contact Mr Georg Ornetsmüller,,


E-Bike Detour from the Tauern Cycle Trail

Those who ride along the Tauern Cycle Trail on an E-Bike, should not always stick to the signposted route. Even if there is so much beauty and diversity along the route, it also pays off to sometimes take a detour or two. Head up to the Alpine pastures, discover hidden natural treasures or explore the best culinary towns and villages – whichever detour you choose, you definitely won’t regret it! The best detours can be found in our post “E-Bike Detours from the Tauern Cycle Trail”.

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