E-Bike Detours from the Tauern Cycle Trail

Where it pays to take a detour.

What could be nicer, than getting to know the Tauern Cycle Trail and SalzburgerLand from the saddle of an E-bike? A nearly comprehensive range of charging stations and the many top quality E-Bike Regions along the cycle trail are on hand here to ensure that you experience memorable and carefree days. But don’t always stick to the designated route; now and again try a little detour into the country. Head on up the Alpine pastures, discover hidden natural treasures and visit places where culinary desires are satisfied. You will not regret it.

E-Biking on the Tauern Cycle Trail is a very special experience. Whether you take on the whole trails, or just want to explore some stages, there is no better or more intensive way to get to know SalzburgerLand and the people who live here. It’s worth taking a detour at some points and taking a closer look. E-bikes now allow ‘detours’, that were only previously possible with a lot of effort, whether from one of the stages town or the holiday towns. Whether you take a tour down one of the impressive National Park valleys, up to scenic Alpine pastures, or in the footsteps of the most famous Christmas Carol on this earth – the Tauern Cycle Trail has everything.

A tour in the Krimml Achen Valley

You can find one of the most beautiful detours from the Tauern Cycle Trail, along the paths through the Krimmler Achen Valley. This is where, in the middle ages, the powerful Salzburg Prince Archbishops created toll stations to tax the travellers, traders and salt merchants. The destination of this 24 kilometre round trip (12km one-way) is the 15th century Tauernhaus, which was commissioned in the land registry as the ‘Taverna in the Ahen’.

After traversing the high steps of the Krimml Waterfalls via a section of the Gerlos Street and a tunnel, it continues along the idyllic Krimml Brook into the valley to the aforementioned Tauernhaus, which today is run by the Geisler family. Both the culinary delicacies on offer and the beauty of the landscape make this detour from the Tauern Cycle Path a real hit. Finally, the Krimml Achen Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in the Hohe Tauern National Park.

©Erwin Haiden

Total 24 km and 550 m altitude from Krimml
Krimmler Tauernhaus
+ 43 664 2612174
bike-energy E-Bike charging station

Natural experience Vorderkaser

If you want to see the beauty hidden in the side valleys of Pinzgau and Salzburg’s Saalach Valley, you need only look a little closer. Such as between Weißbach and St Martin near Lofer, where the Vorderkaser Gorge delivers an unexpected natural spectacle. This is a real experience for all the senses with being closely squeezed in by the rock faces and depths of up to sixty metres and unimaginable heights. You can reach the exciting trail on foot through the gorge, which leads over 51 footbridges and 35 stairways. The bikes are left back at the Jausenstation Vorderkaser, where the E-Bike charging station is located.

©Salzburger Saalachtal Tourismus

Upstream of the gorge is the Vorderkaser natural bathing area that is perfect for a family trip with its greenish shimmering swimming ponds and the numerous barbecue areas.

Total 4 kilometres and 60 metres from the Tauern Cycle Path
Vorderkaser natural bathing area with snack bar, barbecues etc.
+ 43 6588 8510
bike-energy E-Bike charging station

On the trail of ‘Silent Night’

There is hardly a song that moves so many people all over the world as ‘Silent Night, Holy Night’. In 1818, exactly 200 years ago, the success story of this little Christmas Carol began in a church in Oberndorf near Salzburg. The composer, Franz Xaver Gruber, sang the bass, the author Josef Mohr sang the tenor and they were accompanied by guitars. But how exactly did this song come about, where exactly was it written and who took it finally all around the world?

©SalzburgerLand Tourismus / Arnsdorf

To answer questions like these in this anniversary year, you can take an E-Bike detour through history on the Silent Night Route. Here you will get a taste of life 200 years ago and hear the explanation as to why 1816 was the year without a summer. You can visit not only the new Silent Night Museum in Oberndorf, but also the Silent Night Memorial Chapel next door and the Franz Xaver Gruber Museum in the old schoolhouse in Arnsdorf, where Gruber was a teacher.

Circuit 27 kilometres, 80 m altitude
Silent Night Towns:

Oberndorf: Silent Night Memorial Chapel and the Silent Night Museum 
Arnsdorf: Franz Xaver Gruber Museum

Detour to the Fürstenhof Cheese Dairy

The Tennengau is made for E-Bikers! Here, you will very quickly get a relaxed holiday feeling as you ride past babbling streams, deep green meadows and pastures, through picturesque villages and in windy forests. And with the North-flowing River Salzach always nearby.

For gourmets and those who know how to appreciate first-class taste in a genuine environment, take a detour from the Tauern Cycle Path to the Fürstenhof run by Niki Rettenbacher. Since time immemorial, he swears on the pure taste of the particularly rich organic raw milk of his Jersey cows and the sustainable approach to nature and every living thing on the farm. This is confirmed by the many awards, fine cheeses and sustained interest in his work. In his shop, you can draw on his full inspiration and taste a variety of cheeses and take them home. All those who want to lend a hand, can do so daily while making cheese under his expert guidance. This is an unforgettable experience which will sustainably change your view of this valuable product.

©SalzburgerLand_David Schultheiss

To find this almost unnoticeable ‘detour’, take the Tauern Cycle Path on the right side of the River Salzach between Golling and Kuchl (from the Golling train station). This route is also the new Cheese-Tour in Tennengau.

Fürstenhof Cheese Dairy
+43 6244 6475

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