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Three races for every sportsperson

These cycling marathons are the highlights of the road bike season in SalzburgerLand

You stand ready at the start line and feel your adrenaline in your veins. Tension rises. This is serious! You have prepared yourself throughout the whole season for this. You have looked forward to this and spent many sweaty hours in the saddle, just to be able to get here and at the peak of your own performance. For many road bike cyclists, the cycling marathons in and around SalzburgerLand have for many years presented the highlight of the racing season, for which one trains meticulously.

For many cycling sport enthusiasts, there is nothing more beautiful than riding many hours through the varied and wonderful landscape. To enjoy the nature and to really clear one’s head. To put it in a nutshell – to be on the go either alone or in small groups, and individually to explore our beautiful SalzburgerLand on a road bike. Thousands of people meet each year to take part in the numerous road bike and triathlon competitions, and to compete with like-minded people. Even though it is nice to just ride, the competitions are really the highlights of each cycling season and that extra special something for every sports enthusiast.

The road bike marathons in and around SalzburgerLand have attracted many of the “everyday athletes” for many years. No wonder, then, that the unofficial “three-race series”, consisting of Amadé Cycling Marathon, Mondsee 5 Lakes Cycling Marathon and the Eddy Merckx Classic Cycling Marathon, is still increasing in popularity every year. But what are the special characteristics of each race? So, just what is the magic that has kept these events at the top of the cycling sport?

The Amadé Cycling Marathon

From the start and finish line in Radstadt, the Amadé Cycling Marathon in May consists of circuits of 95km and 146km up into the mountains of Pongau and Tennengau. Lots of climbs and fast descents take a lot out of the competitors and make it an absolute classic in the annual racing calendar. The competitors are rewarded with fantastic panoramic views of the impressive Tauern, Dachstein and Bischofsmütze Mountains. Additionally, there’s hardly a stretch of the race where there are not any enthusiastic spectators cheering on the field. Two different routes ensure that really anyone can participate, from beginners up to professional level.

The Mondsee 5 Lakes Cycling Marathon

Every year in June, numerous road bike enthusiasts flock like pilgrims to the Mondsee 5 Lakes Cycling Marathon. For one day, this Salzkammergut Lake is the centre of the cycling world. Four routes are waiting for the approximately 2,000 competitors. Thus, really anyone can take part. If you take part in this event, you have to cope with the large loop. This leads competitors through the SalzburgerLand-Salzkammergut cycling region and along the Lake Wolfgang, Lake Hallstatt, Lake Traunsee, Lake Attersee and Lake Mondsee.

The Eddy Merckx Classic Cycling Marathon

Ever since the former Belgian road bike pro Eddy Merckx rode his first laps through the Salzburg Lake District, a special love has connected him with this region. And thus it was clear that the most successful cyclist of all time should setup his own race – and the Eddy Merckx Classic was born. For the 12th time, cycling enthusiasts will meet in the region in September to take part in this unique race through the Salzburg Lake District starting from Fuschl. For many, the Eddy Merckx Classic Cycling Marathon represents the culmination of the cycling season.

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Race Information

Amadé Cycling Marathon:
Sections: 2
Start and Finish line: Radstadt
Date: 30th May 2021

Mondsee 5 Lakes Cycling Marathon:
Sections: 4
Start and Finish line: Mondsee
Date: 2020 canceled due to covid-19 measures!

Eddy Merckx Classic Cycling Marathon:
Sections: 3
Start and Finish line: Fuschl am See
Date: May 2021, exact date t.b.a.

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