Path of Treasures
© SalzburgerLand Tourismus, Museums on the “Path of Treasures”

Path of Treasures

In the footsteps of great artists and their works

Gottfried Salzmann, Alfred Kubin, Anton Faistauer, Josef Stoizner, Michael Hofer and Alfons Walde – these six artists have one thing in common as they are closely connected with SalzburgerLand and Tyrol. Some were born in Salzburg’s Pinzgau region or in Kitzbühel, others found their perfect home here far away from the metropolises of the world. The “Path of Treasures” is an invitation to go on an exciting journey in their footsteps. This museum tour opens up new perspectives for people interested in art and culture and arouses the desire to discover SalzburgerLand from the viewpoint of famous artists.

World-famous painters and their places of inspiration

The “Path of Treasures” promises cultural enjoyment at the highest level. The works of Gottfried Salzmann (Saalfelden), Alfred Kubin (Zell am See), Anton Faistauer (Maishofen), Josef Stoitzner (Bramberg), Michael Hofer (Leogang) and Alfons Walde (Kitzbühel) are internationally appreciated and highly valued. However, few people know that these men have left their mark on SalzburgerLand. They also left their mark on the neighbouring Tyrol. In reverse, they were themselves inspired by the great natural backdrops of the Pinzgau region.

Lake Zell, the Lofer Stone Mountains, the inner Alpine architecture, the people and animals, traditions and trees, and many other, unmistakable motifs can be found running through their works. The Pinzgau region was used as a refuge where peace and retreat were made possible. Others use it as a template and muse and turned it in an artistic way into a monument. But they all appreciated the nature as a wonderful gift!

Museums on the “Path of Treasures” in SalzburgerLand

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus, Museums on the “Path of Treasures”

Between the Lofer Stone Mountains and the Hohe Tauern

The museum tour leads to the five Salzburg towns of Saalfelden, Leogang, Maishofen, Zell am See and Bramberg as well as to Kitzbühel in neighbouring Tyrol. Towns which are above all connected with holidays, summer freshness or winter sports. But these are also towns where artists lived and who have gained world renown with their work. The “Path of Treasures” offers art-lovers the opportunity to meet these six masters in the context of contemporary exhibitions. And this in beautifully located museums. The art-works open up exciting insights into their life history and refer to experiences in these towns. Works of these artists are exhibited worldwide – for example in Salzburg, Vienna, New York, London or Paris.

From Biedermeier to contemporary art

Those who follow in the footsteps of these selected painters will take a journey through different eras of painting. The work of Michael Hofer, born in 1834, still falls under the era of the Biedermeier landscape romance. Josef Stoitzner can be attributed to mood impressionism. Anton Faistauer is regarded as a pioneer of modern painting in Austria. Alfred Kubin wsa an important representative of expressionism. Alfons Walde can be assigned to classical modernism and new objectivity. Gottfried Salzmann, set valid standards as a contemporary water-colourist.

Instruction manual for art enjoyment

The “Path of Treasures” can be explored individually. Starting from Saalfelden via Maishofen, Zell am See and the National Park Municipality of Bramberg, continuing over the Thurn Pass to Kitzbühel and back over the Grießen Pass to Leogang and Saalfelden. In total, the tour is about 146 kilometres long. Whether you decide to visit a single exhibition or five museums, or even to explore the Adventure Trail, is down to your own preference. But one thing is certain – the “Path of Treasures” is an inspiration and a stimulus for the whole family. Art does not have to be complicated. Art expands one’s horizon and opens up new perspectives. Thus, it is a mirror of its time, places and people. Discovering your own home or holiday destination from the perspective of a world-famous painter is a lasting and invigorating experience.

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