On your sledge, ready, go!

Tobogganing in SalzburgerLand is great fun for young and old

The runners creak, and you glide effortlessly over fresh virgin snow. You give a short break with your right foot, causing snow to spray in all directions around you. Lean into the right-hand curve and feel as the sledge picks up speed. Put all your weight into the next bend and things really start to get going. As you near the end of the track, it’s important to put everything into this last stretch and to get everything out of the sledge. Everybody wants to be the quickest and get down to the valley first. Tobogganing, or sledging, is one of the most fun and action-packed things that you can do in winter in SalzburgerLand away from the pistes. On your sledge, ready, go!

Who doesn’t love tobogganing? Walk with your family and friends to the top of a mountain and stop off at a cosy mountain hut for a hot chocolate and warm off in front of an open fire before jumping on your sledge and making your way back down into the valley.

The sledge is one of the oldest examples of winter sporting equipment in the Alps. In the olden days sledges were used by people in SalzburgerLand to get down into the valley in snowy conditions, and farmers also used them to transport heavy items. Today tobogganing is enjoyed by young and old and has established as itself as a firm favourite of sports enthusiasts in this region.

Slow and steady or fast and furious?

Whether you’d just like to ease yourself down on the sledge and watch the snow-covered winter wonderland roll past or prefer to throw yourself into the curves and get to the bottom first, you’ll have fun either way. In SalzburgerLand there are a variety of different sledge runs that appeal to different tastes and there’ll be something for everyone amongst the range of natural and specially created tobogganing runs.

You can either rent out a sledge in the valley, or bring your own with you, before making your way up the path in sturdy shoes. You could take the gondola to the start of the tobogganing run in comfort and style and travel against a backdrop of breath-taking Alpine views. Some regions even offer their own sledging taxi. At the start of the run, there are often cosy mountain huts where you can stop off, warm yourself up in front of the crackling open-air fire and enjoy a spot of refreshments before setting off downhill again.

Tobogganing at night

Are you the type of person who can’t get their fill of romance, or do you just enjoy staying outdoors into the early hours?  If so you should try the night-time sledging fun on a flood-lit tobogganing run. When the full moon and a starry sky illuminate the snow-covered earth below you won’t even need artificial lights, and the memories will stay with you forever!


Kinder auf ihren Rodeln im Schnee

©SalzburgerLand Tourismus – Toboganning isn’t just for children.

The world’s longest sledge run

On a run that is no less than 14 km in length, sledgers drop an incredible 1,300 m in elevation on the Wildkogel mountain, during an adventure that lasts about 30-50 minutes. You’re allowed to ride anything that will slide downhill – whether an exciting racing sledge, a traditional toboggan or a snazzy bob – the main thing is that it will take you safely and securely back down to the valley.

Regardless of whether you prefer a slow and steady panoramic glide down a mountain, a fun and frantic race against your friends or to experience the world’s longest sledging track, in SalzburgerLand you’ll find a veritable sledging paradise that offers you all of this and more.

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