Nordic sports

Biathlon, ski jumping and Nordic Combined are forms of sport many of us have watched with great enthusiasm and delight in the stadiums or on the television, yet few of us have actually tried them. That’s a real shame, as it’s difficult not to look at a ski jump and muse over how thrilling it would be to take flight from it. Just imagine taking a rifle over a cross-country trail, seeing how quickly you can stop and focus and get a clean shot. Biathlon, ski jumping and Nordic Combined can be experienced in abundance in SalzburgerLand. You really should come and see whether they are so difficult, and find out what they are all about. Unforgettable experience and memories are just waiting for you.


Anybody can try their hand at biathlon on the Neuberger Sunshine Trail in Filzmoos surrounded by pristine unspoilt nature. Guided by a cross-country expert with over 20 years of experience, you’ll learn to hold a biathlon weapon in your hand and see what it’s like to shoot at a small black disc and be taught cross-country skiing techniques. Regardless of whether you’re a complete novice or ambitious amateur sportsman, an unforgettable experience awaits.

Ski jumping

Ski jumping is more than a spectator sport in Saalfelden, and you can learn to do it in both summer and winter month. The Felix-Gottwald-ski jump stadium in Uttenhofen offers unbridled winter fun for all ski-jump fans on their 4 winter and 3 summer jumps which range from 15-85 metres. Professional guidance ensures you’ll get the hang of this in no time.

Nordic Combined

In Nordic Combined contestants take part in both ski jumping and cross-country skiing. You can also do this in Saalfelden.

Cross-Country Skiing and Skating

Scarcely any other sport offers so much variety of experience than cross-country skiing. From relaxed ski-hiking amidst beautiful unspoilt nature to powering through ambitious cross-country trails and participating in prestigious competitions, hardly any other sport lends itself so well to improving your cardiovascular system and aerobic fitness.   As you are exercising out in the fresh air, you work almost all of your muscle groups and, in the process, burn around 700 calories per hour! Cross-country skiers will find a paradise in SalzburgerLand with over 2,200 km of trails, all perfectly groomer for both the classic and skating technique.  Those participants wanting to go a little faster can also use the ‘skating’ technique. This has enjoyed ever-increasing popularity in the last few years and resembles the movements of speed or inline skating. It poses the ideal way to let off stress, get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life, to push yourself to the limits and increase your coordination.  

For both these Nordic sports variants, it’s no problem if you don’t have your own equipment as there are countless equipment hire outlets from which you can hire the most recent state-of-the-art equipment.

SalzburgerLand’s cross-country skiing trails

What could be better than being surrounded by impressive mountain peaks, breathing in Alpine-fresh air and pursuing your cross-country skiing passion? On SalzburgerLand’s cross-country skiing trails you can find all this and more on countless routes 1,000 m above sea level. The below cross-country trails are just a small example of the great quality and variety which await in the region.

The entire range of cross country trails in SalzburgerLand can be found here.

Filzmoos Cross-country skiing trail

On the Rossbrand mountain at the altitude of 1,700m skiers are rewarded with breath-taking all-round panoramic views. The 14 km-long cross-country skiing trail is easily accessible with the “Papageno” cable car, and allows classic or skating-style cross-country skiing.

Lungau Cross-country skiing trail

As almost all of Lungau in the south of SalzburgerLand is situated over 1,000 m above sea level, there are countless cross-country skiing trails to be found there. The Schönfeld cross-country skiing trail and the trail at Prebersee Lake are the most beautiful. Not only do they offer sporty fun and challenges, but also the unbeatable beauty of nature.

Kaprun cross-country skiing trail

Experience cross-country skiing on the Kitzsteinhorn glacier. The trail is 2,900 m above sea level, 3 km long and offers up unrivalled skiing against a fantastic backdrop of the highest peaks in the Austrian Alps.

© ideenwerk werbeagentur gmbh – The cross-country ski track is located on the glacier plateau

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