Ice and snow-filled fun

From ice climbing and ice skating to snowshoe hiking in a winter wonderland

Whoever has been fortunate enough to experience SalzburgerLand in winter will tell you what unrivalled beauty there is to be found at this time of year. Imagine the magical silence of a snow-covered landscape with only the occasional muffled thuds of snow falling from a laden branch punctuating the serenity. Surrounded by white-crested mountain peaks, the natural surroundings are illuminated by a soft glow. The lakes, their crystal-clear waters now frozen in an attractive frosted glaze are transformed from before. Just as beautiful and outstanding, it’s amazing the difference a season makes.

What better idea could there be than to get out and about in this winter wonderland? Along with the snow and ice of the season, a whole new range of possibilities is uncovered. Walk through a freshly covered field to make those first tracks in virgin white powder, feeling the stresses and strains of everyday life melting from your shoulders with each step. Glide over a frozen lake on your skates or you could even decide to dive beneath its depths to see the wonders beneath its surface. From snowshoe hiking and winter walks, to ice sports, here are some suggestions of how you can make the most of this icy paradise.

Walking in freshly fallen snow

Walk out in a snowy landscape or on one of the many winter hiking trails and you’ll find that life slows down. You’ll uncover a side to this region that you may well have missed on a brisker jaunt. SalzburgerLand’s winter walking paths are truly fantastic and allow you to explore the beautiful winter wonderland close up.

Schneeschuhwanderer gehen hintereinander durch den Tiefschnee.

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus – snowshoe hiking is an incredibly enjoyable passtime and an amazing way to discover the winter wonderland

Snowshoe hiking

Experience the untamed romance of trudging through the snow sporting snowshoes that look like somewhat overgrown tennis rackets. Today’s snowshoes are made of aluminium or other lightweight materials. There are a whole host of benefits that come through this form of exercise, and these include positive effects on the cardiovascular system, stimulated fat burning, a strengthened immune system and stress relief.

Ice Climbing – The ice-cold adrenaline kick

The search for new challenges drives adrenaline junkies to attempt ice climbing sooner or later. As soon as SalzburgerLand’s glorious waterfalls have frozen over and dramatic icicles adorn their edges, the crampons are strapped on, the ice-picks unpacked and it’s up, up, up! The waterfalls on a few chosen routes are scaled and the oversized icicles mounted. There are a few risks that come with this so you should take your first steps only with an experienced guide or teacher.

Ice Diving

If you’re looking for adventures under ice (or water), look no further than ice diving. Crystal clear and unclouded, the water in winter opens up a new wondrous world. What do fish do in the winter? Do underwater plants lose their leaves too? Is it true that it gets warmer the deeper you dive? Dive to have question after question answered in the lakes of SalzburgerLand. As beautiful and attractive as ice diving is, it also goes without saying here that you should take your first dive only with an experienced guide.

Ice Skating – Winter fun for young and old

Ice skating belongs to one of the things that will always be fun, no matter your age and there’s nowhere better than in SalzburgerLand to experience this in unrivalled unspoilt scenery. Glide along the frozen waters of lakes Wolfgangsee, Wallersee, Fuschlsee, Goldeggersee or Lake Zell for an unforgettable time. In addition, there are countless ice rinks in SalzburgerLand, each offering much variety and diversity. Many offer skating all the way into the night via floodlight, making the experience all the more romantic.

Curling – The living tradition of the Alps

Not only does this custom look back on a centuries-old tradition, it’s also a whole lot of fun. As soon as the ponds, lakes or custom-made lanes are frozen, young and old alike gather up their wooden sticks and hurl them at a wooden target in an attempt to get them as close to it as possible. Two teams are pitted against each other and it’s a great social event. Tempted? There’s nothing else for it but to come join the fun on the ice.

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