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Tauern Cycle Trail – Questions and Answers

Information and tips about the Tauern Cycle Trail

The Tauern Cycle Trail offers numerous options to discover SalzburgerLand from your bicycle saddle. There are many questions when planning a cycling adventure: Which route suits me? Is the Tauern Cycle Trail also suitable for families? Is it a requirement to bring along your own bike? Are repair options available for your bike? Find a good overview of tips and advice to find answers to various questions about your bike adventure.

Tauern Cycle Trail Circuit or from Krimml to Passau?

The “classic” Tauern Cycle Trail from Krimml to Passau runs from the Krimmler waterfalls, mostly along the Salzach, to Salzburg and further downstream to the “Salzach – Inn – mouth”. The last stage leads along the Inn to Passau. All in all, you can cycle 310km.

The Tauern Cycle Trail Circuit starts at the Krimmler waterfalls. Up until Salzburg, cyclists travel downstream on the same route along the river Salzach. From here on, the “circuit” runs along the Saalach via Bad Reichenhall, Lofer and Saalfelden to Zell am See – without any large climbs. From Zell am See the Pinzgauer local railway brings cyclists back to Krimml. Since it is a circular route, the starting point can be chosen freely, for example in Salzburg or Zell am See. Doing the round trip in a counterclockwise direction is recommended to make the two slopes in the Salzach Valley “more pleasant”. The length of the Tauern Cycle Trail Circuit is a total of 270 kilometres.

Is the Tauern Cycle Trail also suitable for children?

Yes. Above all, the great number of (natural) attractions and bathing lakes along the route provides plenty of variety. For the partial route between Werfen and Golling (17km) – here the cycle trail partly still runs along the main road due to the narrowness of the valley – you can jump on the train which runs parallel to it. Or you can choose the route between Bruck / Zell am See and Salzburg through the Saalach valley.

Where can I book tour packages for the Tauern Cycle Trail?

Almost all large cycle tour organisers have the Tauern Cycle Trail in their programmes. A package offers many advantages, such as having your accommodation pre-booked.

Is Luggage Transport possible?

The Tauern Cycle Trail packages from the cycle tour organisers (see above) offer many advantages such as luggage transport from accommodation to accommodation.

For individual planning, luggage transport can be arranged with your respective host (prerequisite – notification of the next accommodation by the guest on the eve of checkout). Accommodation offering this service are marked separately in the free Tauern Cycle Trail Folder. Here you can download the Tauern Cycle Trail Folder in pdf format (german) with all cycle-friendly companies.

Should I pre-book accommodation?

It is recommended to book your first accommodation as soon as your arrival day is fixed. If you only reserve your accommodation on the same day, you can be on the road, depending on your desire, mood and the weather. As a rule, a sufficient number of free rooms are still available. Only in the high season might it be “scarce”, for example, during the Salzburg Festival season in the City of Salzburg in the middle of July / August – in this case we suggest booking a room in advance.

In the early afternoon (2 p.m. to 3 p.m.), think about how far you want to cycle that day and call the accommodation of your choice or the tourist office in the next town. The tourist office usually has a good overview of accommodation still available in that town. This way, you can enjoy the rest of your day’s cycling!

Cycle-friendly companies and all tourism associations along the route are listed in the Tauern Cycle Trail Folder (german) which can be ordered free.

Where do I find Bike Rental and Repair Facilities?

In the Tour guide you will find all these shown per stage on the map. In almost all regions along the Tauern Cycle Trail you can also rent E-Bikes, as well as in the majority of packages from the cycle tour organisers (see above list).

Can I take my bike along on the train? Is there a return transfer from Passau or Salzburg to Krimml?

Trains to Salzburg and Zell am See:

Trains from Zell am See to Krimml: Current info: During the severe storms of Summer 2021, the route of the Pinzgauer Lokalbahn was partially undermined and damaged. Therefore, the railway line between Niedernsill (or Mittersill) and Krimml is not passable until further notice, also during the summer season 2024. Between Niedernsill (or Mittersill from 10.06.2024) and Krimml, a rail replacement service with buses has been set up, but they cannot take bicycles with them. There are however two exceptions here – from 01.05. to 30.09.2024, the trains/bus connections at 15:00 and 17:00 (each from Zell am See) can each transport bikes to Krimml but only by reservation the day before (until 2:00 pm) on Tel.: +43 6562 40600 or pinzgauerlokalbahn@salzburg– (detailed timetable). An alternative bicycle transport option from Zell am See or Niedernsill to Krimml is possible, for example, via Radtaxi Altenberger, Tel.: +43 664 4582717,

A daily bus transfer from Schärding/Passau to Krimml offers Austria Bike Tours daily from 15th May to 5th October depending on the space available. Departure is at 2 p.m. from Passau main station (mk hotel) and at 2.30 p.m. in front of the Austria Radreisen office (Joseph-Haydn-Str. 8) in Schärding. All information can be found at

Is the Tauern Cycle Trail also suitable for Road Bikes?

Yes. For some non-asphalted sections you will need to divert onto the main road. Here are the relevant key sections:

Krimml to Bruck approx. 65km:

  • Start Krimmler Waterfalls to Wald (directly through the town centre) to Neukirchen am Großvenediger: L113 and B165
  • Hollersbach to Mittersill: B165
  • Guesthouse Salzachbrücke (between Kaprun and Zell am See) to Bruck: on asphalted street on the northern shore of the Salzach

Bruck to Bischofshofen to Salzburg approx. 100km:

  • Bruck to Taxenbach: on the Salzburger Street (L257) from Bruck and mainly on the accompanying cycle trail to B311
  • Schwarzach to St. Johann: L274 and B311
  • St. Johann to Bischofshofen: from the north of Salzachbrücke on the eastern side of the Salzach via the Venediger street and the old main road to Urreiting and then on the L269 to Bischofshofen
  • Kreuzberg Toll (= junction of B99 in B159) – Werfen: B159 (partial accompanying cycle trail)
  • Pass Lueg to Golling directly on the B159 into the town centre of Golling and onto the Salzachbrücke
  • Rehhofsiedlung (north of Hallein) to Salzburg: Schloss street up to Brückenwirt in Rif > B159 > Anif Crossing > straight ahead on the L201 to Salzburg/Nonntal.

Salzburg to Lofer to Bruck approx. 100km:

      • Bayerisch Gmain to Bad Reichenhall: Großgmainer Street and on the B20 to Bad Reichenhall
      • Bad Reichenhall to Schneizlreuth to Melleck/Steinpass: B21, near Melleck but on the old main road to the Steinpass
      • Unken to Lofer: B178 (partial accompanying cycle trail)
      • St. Martin near Lofer – Weißbach near Lofer: B311 (partial accompanying cycle trail)
      • Northern Shore of Zeller See to Bruck: L247 (via Thumersbach) or city thoroughfare in Zell am See, if you would like to go into the town centre.

GPS-Trails for Download

Stage 1: Krimml – Mittersill – Bruck
Stage 2: Bruck – Bischofshofen – Salzburg
Stage 3: Salzburg – Lofer – Bruck

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