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Cross-Country Skiing & Biathlon

in the Salzburger Sportwelt

Skaten, © Salzburger Sportwelt, Mann und Frau beim Langlaufen - Skatingstill

Welcome to a cross-country skiing El Dorado!  

The Salzburger Sportwelt offers skiers a network of over 237 groomed trails. In addition, special cross-country packages guarantee a fun-filled change of pace after your strenuous tour is done for the day.

Together with the trails in St. Johann-Alpendorf, Kleinarl and Filzmoos, 230 km of pure cross-country skiing enjoyment are just waiting for you.
Our cross-country trails fall into different levels of difficulty: 13 trails are easy,
12 intermediate and 3 are difficult.

The 50 km-long "Tauernloipe" is the focal point of the 160 km-long trail network which interconnects the towns of Flachau, Wagrain, Radstadt, Altenmarkt-Zauchensee, Eben and Untertauern.

Fans of skating technique aren't in the slightest neglected in the Salzburger Sportwelt either, with around 160 km of trails tracked especially for "skaters".

Biathlon for everyone in Filzmoos
Biathlon - attractive, exciting
What an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, taking a biathlon rifle in your hands, and shooting at those little black disks with the help of some expert assistance. At the Neubergerhof "sun trail", surrounded by glorious countryside, you, too, can get some experience in the whole new world of biathlon.
Manfred Nagl, himself a cross-country pro for 20 years, now a cross-country and biathlon trainer for the national police team, will introduce you to the sport of biathlon and correct skiing technique. Sure to be "right on the mark", whether you are a total beginner or an ambitious amateur athlete.

Three times a week, former top-flight athlete, Manfred Nagl, is delighted to share his tips with rookies who simply want to have a bit of fun, and with hobby biathletes developing their own competitive ambitions.

Cross-country ski course and shooting range at Hotel Neubergerhof
Monday: cross-country skiing
Tuesday: shooting
Friday: biathlon

Biathlon in Filzmoos

Salzburger Sportwelt at a glance:

  • 220 km of ski trails, full range of difficulty  
  • 237 tracked trails
  • 230 km of winter hiking paths
  • 36th International Tauern Run: 28.-29.01.2012

Downloadable map of cross-country ski trails in the Salzburger Sportwelt 

Salzburger Sportwelt

Salzburger Sportwelt

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