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Culinary Pathway for Beer and Schnapps Aficionados

It can be savoured

Without water there is no life – and also no beer and absolutely no schnapps! The high art of brewing beer is held in high regard in Salzburg, and the passion for the finest distilled spirits has long since become a cultural asset. On the Via Culinaria, the culinary pathway through SalzburgerLand, our region’s culinary art can be explored in a special way. Many pathways lead to wonderful enjoyment with all the senses. One of them is the Via Culinaria for Beer and Schnapps Aficionados.

Longstanding beer tradition

It is an open secret that Salzburg is Austria’s beer capital. Beer culture has been nurtured here for hundreds of years. The unique mixture of tradition-steeped breweries and the innovative further development of tried and tested recipes is a particular delight for aficionados and connoisseurs. And all beers have one thing in common: regardless of whether it is traditional like wheat beer and bock beer, or modern like chocolate stout and apple beer, the selected ingredients come mainly from the region, the crystal-clear spring water originates in local mountains, and the careful workmanship of experienced master brewers can be tasted with every gulp.

Discover & enjoy: The art of brewing in SalzburgerLand.

Fine distilled spirits for any taste

Highly decorated schnapps distillers have all kinds of high-proof “tonics” to offer for those who love distilled spirits. Down-to-earth classics meet exclusive creations here. No matter whether it is schnapps, liqueur or particular specialities, no limits are set on enjoyment here. The fruit schnapps known as Obstler has just as many adherents as an unconventional bock beer distillate.

A look behind the scenes

Numerous breweries and distilleries offer special tasting dates for their guests who are curious and interested. Typical Salzburg culinary combinations are served in many in-house restaurants: nothing tastes better with a juicy pork roast than a cool beer. And a shot of rowanberry schnapps rounds off a delicious menu. Take a piece of Salzburg’s culinary realm home with you – perhaps in the form of a distilled spirit in a perfectly shaped glass bottle!

Larger, more diverse and more extensive than ever, the 6th Edition of the Via Culinaria Guide presents nine Taste Trails and 300 “tasty addresses” in SalzburgerLand

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