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Museums in SalzburgerLand

traditions and heritage

Waggerl Haus, © TVB Wagrain, Karl Heinrich Waggerlhaus in Wagrain, Aussenaufnahme

How did mining in Salzburg develop? Where did the Celts come from? And why, exactly, does cheese have holes? You will learn all of this and much more at the many and varied museums located across the SalzburgerLand.

Ideal for a fascinating excursion with the whole family, both summer and winter: The numerous museums in SalzburgerLand. Whether the FIS State Ski Museum or the planetarium in Königsleiten - get to know the culture and traditions of SalzburgerLand a little more closely.

Something perfect for everyone: Museums in SalzburgerLand
At the Karl Heinrich Waggerl House in Wagrain, literature fans learn more about the famous writer. If you are particularly interested in history, and you would like to know where Salzburg got its name, then the salt mine and Celtic village in Hallein/Bad Dürrnberg couldn't possibly come any more highly recommended.

Want to spend a cultural vacation in SalzburgerLand and learn more about our folklore, traditions and history? If so, we invite you to visit one of our countless museums, summer or winter!

  • Museum Tips SalzburgerLand
  • Mining Museum,  Leogang
  • This much-praised museum depicts the rich mining history of Leogang and the Pillersee region.
  •  Klammstein Castle, Gastein Valley
  • Standing at the entrance to Gastein Valley is Klammstein Castle, the oldest historic structure in Gastein. The Castle Museum presents themes such as history, hunting, minerals, and the trade route through Gastein Valley.
  • FIS State Ski Museum, Werfenweng
  • Here the true history of skiing, jumping and snowboarding is recounted - from the very beginnings of this "white sport" some 5,000 years ago, to the latest technological developments and the battle for hundredths of seconds.
  • Open-Air Museum, Grossgmain
  • In Grossgmain near Salzburg, 60 original farm buildings from across SalzburgerLand and spanning five centuries can be seen, walked through and experienced - in other words, a microcosm of the SalzburgerLand. 
  • Karl Heinrich Waggerl House, Wagrain
  • This house served as the home for Karl Heinrich Waggerl for over 50 years, and it was also here that his most beautiful works were penned. 
  • Celtic Museum, Hallein 
  • One of the most important museums dedicated to Celtic culture: Its collection features unique exhibits, and provides extensive insights into the oldest, distinct culture in Central Europe.
  • Heritage Museum,  Mauterndorf Castle
  • Awaiting the whole family at Mauterndorf Castle is a fascinating journey back through time to the days of the Middle Ages:
    Here you will make the acquaintanceship of no less than the lord of the castle himself, Archbishop Leonhard von Keutschach, along with his large entourage.
  • National Park Center, Mittersill
  • The National Park Center casts light on the natural-history highlights of the National Park. Just like a hike in the park itself, visitors can wander from one different theme zone and habitat to the next.
  • Pinzgau Heritage Museum, Schloss Ritzen
  • On an exhibition space of some 1,200 m2, you will find a mineral exhibition, finds dating back to early history, details about geology, hunting, art reflective of popular religious piety and a collection of Nativity scenes, as well as fascinating insights into farmers' lives, folk costumes, craftsmanship, agriculture and folk traditions.
  • "King of the Airs" House, Rauris
  • At this interactive exhibition, you will learn everything you could possibly wish to know about golden eagles, bearded vultures, griffon vultures and more. Furthermore, as you head out and tour the Rauris valley, you will have a chance to observe these kings of the air in their own wild realm.
  • Planetarium & Observatory, Königsleiten
  • Have you always wondered how stars are born, whether there is life on other planets, and what a wormhole is?
    These and other questions are answered at Europe's highest (1,600 m) planetarium and observatory, where you can enjoy 7,000 stars in all their amazing glory and beauty.
  • Salt Mine & Celtic Village, Hallein
  • The "Salt Prince", Archbishop Wolf-Dietrich von Raitenau, will personally explain the connection between white gold and the prosperity enjoyed by Salzburg City.
  • WasserWunderWelt Krimml
  • Right at the entrance to Krimml Waterfalls, a spectacular natural wonder, we find the gates to the WasserWunderWelt theme park.
    The House of Water shows us unique, astonishing and never-before-seen aspects of this precious commodity.
    In addition to the museum, there is also an Aqua Park and a multi-vision cinema.
  • Silent Night Memorial Sites
  • Silent Night Museum, Arnsdorf
  • Through several generations the information is passed down Franz Xaver Gruber composed the song "Silent Night" on early Christmas Day in the small village school (built 1771) in Arnsdorf. Here he lived and taught from 1807 to 1828. Nowadays the "Silent Night Museum" / Stille Nacht Museum Arnsdorf is housed in the former living rooms of the composer. (3 km near Oberndorf)
  • Silent Night Museum, Hallein
  • The former home of Franz Xaver Gruber depicts the creation and dissemination of the Christmas song, "Silent Night!". The exhibition also features original furniture and personal belongings of the song's composer, Franz Xaver Gruber.
  • Silent Night Chapel & Heritage Museum,  Oberndorf
  • The small memorial chapel, along with the Silent Night & Heritage Museum, which was built right next-door, are dedicated to the creation and spread of the song "Silent Night!".
  • Silent Night Wagrain, Joseph Mohr Memorial Site
  • Wagrain is a popular vacation destination. And in Advent, the village becomes one of the most beautiful places in SalzburgerLand. Treat yourself to winter holidays and Christmas spent in Salzburg, amid a truly idyllic Christmas setting. 
  • In Arnsdorf (3 km from Oberndorf) is the Franz Xaver-Gruber-Museum. Gruber, the composer of the world-famous Christmas carol "Silent Night! Holy Night!", was for 21 years the teacher at the schoolhouse, today the oldest in Austria where classes are still taught.


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