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THERMAL LAKES at Alpentherme Gastein


This summer there is a new and exciting offer available in a region that has historically been closely linked to water. In this case, the thermal water bathing lakes at the Alpentherme Gastein that are quite unique in Austria. If you are looking for pure relaxation, this is the place to be.

The Thermal Swimming Lakes

Swimming in the open in a thermal swimming lake? You can’t find it? From now on, this experience is possible at the Alpentherme Gastein. In the midst of the impressive alpine world lie the new 1300 m² large Emerald Lake and the 370m² “small” Crystal Lake. At the entrance of the modern and large Alpentherme, I already receive a warm welcome at the cash desk. It is still quiet in the early morning and the 32,000 m² of experience and health world invite you with their many and unique offers such as Relax, Family, Ladies, Sport or Sauna World. Here, you could spend days enjoying the various areas. But on such a sunny day, my definite goal is the newly designed outdoor area with Austria’s first thermal swimming lakes.

© Maria Riedler, The thermal lake lies harmoniously in the middle of the Gastein mountain peaks

The landscape is also unique here – in the middle of the Gastein valley, including a view of the summit. Harmoniously, the Emerald Lake nestles in the green of the surrounding area. Right next door is the spa park of Bad Hofgastein. I hear quiet, classical string music from the park – how wonderful to listen to Mozart while swimming! The spa orchestra Bad Hofgastein is probably playing. It is one of the few still remaining spa orchestras in Austria. I gently stretch my toes into the water and realise with joy that the lake is at least 26 degrees centigrade warm. The two lakes are filled with the liquid treasure from the Hohe Tauern mountains. Every day, 150 m³ of fresh thermal water flows into the lakes. The water is unique and pure because it is cleaned without the addition of chemicals such as chlorine. It is purified by a biological filter. If you are struggling with skin problems or allergies, you can enjoy to bathe in the lake with your mind at ease.

After jumping into the water, I enjoy the lonely expanse of swimming because I am the first bathing guest today. The pure Gastein thermal water feels soft on the skin and nature’s power from the surrounding peaks invigorates me. I pass a statue on my way from which the warm thermal water bubbles into the lake.

The outdoor bathing area season in the temperature-stable lakes usually stretches to the end of October. This is a great advantage in the case of a bad weather day, as you can still relax in the comfortably warm interior area with the thermal pool and sauna until the sun lures you back out into the open.

Recreation and Activity

The lake has both shallower areas as well as deeper ones, which was previously possible only in natural lakes, and which you can now experience in a thermal spa. A schedule for future activities on offer such as stand up paddling will be available soon.

© Alpentherme Gastein/Wolkersdorfer, Stand up paddling at the thermal lake

Resting areas around the lake offer a place to relax.
Slowly, the first bathing guests arrive.

The second, slightly smaller thermal water lake is located at the new Sauna World. Here, I can also dive into in pure thermal water after a refreshing sauna session. And here, I also have an impressive view of the Hohe Tauern mountain peaks. The inviting and exclusive resting facilities on the Sonnenwiese (sun meadow) tempt you to relax and nap in-between.

Wind down! Relaxation is of paramount importance for your mental wellbeing and physical health. This also includes taking a time-out and mindfully enjoying things you usually don’t indulge in. What a unique, pure and real luxury!



Hot springs and their beneficial effects were very popular among the ancient Romans and Greeks. The Gastein mineral water owes its unique purity, its special balanced mineralisation and its neutral wholesome taste to the untouched high-alpine mountain world. The special feature of the Gasteiner thermal water is the healing effect that has been known for many centuries. The noble gas radon contained in the water helps with rheumatic pain, respiratory diseases or a damaged nervous system. As early as in the 15th century, Emperor Frederick III took his cures at the spa of Bad Gastein. In the following centuries, numerous famous people followed his example such as Emperor Franz Joseph I, Empress Sisi, Emperor Wilhelm I, the Shah of Persia, Chancellor Bismarck, Khrushchev and many more. Today, the modern thermal baths of Gastein and the Gastein healing gallery are considered among the top spa resorts in Europe.

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