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Water of the highest quality

Mineral water from Gastein

Do you know the feeling of indescribable freshness? When you are thirsty for some water and the coolness then first spreads through your mouth and then throughout your entire body? When it tingles on your tongue and you just feel great and invigorated? That’s how I feel right after a gulp of ‘Gasteiner mineral water’. This refreshing water originates from the Hohe Tauern national park, incidentally the biggest Alpine national park of them all, absorbs different types of valuable nutrients on its journey through the rock layers and has totally won me over. And why I’m not the only one who feels this way? Well, just keep on reading…

The importance of water for us humans cannot be stressed enough. You only realise how valuable this element truly is for our well-being and our health when it is exclusively available in its impure form or no longer available at all. This is why the people of the Gasteinertal valley are especially proud of their famed Gasteiner mineral water, which is considered among the best drinking waters from the Alpine region and is well-known beyond the borders of the valley even across the borders of SalzburgerLand itself. But what’s so special about this water, what makes it so extraordinary that it can be sold with the “Gasteiner mineral water” brand on a global scale whilst being enjoyed by people so far removed from the mountains themselves?

Quick history lesson

For millions of years now, the water has been collecting in the depths of the Hohe Tauern mountain range as it helped create the region’s breathtaking mountainscape with its primordial force whilst accumulating precious mineral nutrients deep within the rock. It takes a while for a drop to wander through the different rock layers, thereby collecting various mineral nutrients and trace elements. This water then emerges through the springs located in many different spots throughout the Gasteinertal valley and has been providing people with precious drinking water since “the beginning of time.” In the year 1327, people in the valley already discovered its health-promoting properties as well as the special make-up of the water and thus referred to it as drinking water for the first time. In 1530, so 200 years later, the legendary Paracelsus wrote in one of his books about the “natural baths” of “Pad Gastein”. Several hundred years later again, in the year 1929, the water was used commercially as drinking water for the first time and began to be sold as “Gasteiner mineral water” throughout the world.

Mountain treasure — the Gasteiner mineral water and its benefits

Besides the healing, soothing and stabilising thermal water, the Gasteinertal valley is particularly well-known for its mineral water. From the depths of the mountains, which, due to the strict regulations of the Hohe Tauern national park, are completely free from pollutants, the water squirts out in various locations and greets the light of day, providing the valley with drinking water of the utmost quality and purity. Furthermore, and that’s what make it so special, it contains valuable trace elements and mineral nutrients, which are found in much lower quantities in standard tap water. Reason alone for the people of the Gasteinertal valley to have started bottling the water in 1929 to sell it under the “Gasteiner mineral water” brand all around the world and to people who would simply not do without this special water.


Pure, healthy water is, without a doubt, one of the key cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, water is an indispensable transportation medium for the body, as it is used to deliver nutrients to the cells and to carry away metabolic leftovers and toxins of any kind. So, it comes as no surprise that doctors highly recommend drinking 2.5 litres of water per day. Especially high-quality, balanced and lightly mineralised mineral water is rated very highly among health professionals — just like the Gasteiner mineral water.


So, the next time you take a sip from this splendid and soothing water, when it refreshes you inside out whilst providing your body with precious minerals and trace elements from the mountains, take a second to think of the way that this water had to traverse in order to end up with you. How much time passed since it fell as rain drops onto the earth so that it could finally make it into your glass. And perhaps it will taste even better then!

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