Empty stone pine sauna with a great view into the snowy winter landscape
© Puradies, Leogang - Stone pine sauna with panoramic view

Natural wellness treatments

Wellness holidays in SalzburgerLand with traditional wellness treatments

A wellness and recreational holiday in SalzburgerLand always takes place in wonderfully soothing but also invigorating natural surroundings. Accordingly, most wellness and beauty treatments take natural products as their basis. And there are quite a few natural products in SalzburgerLand! Fresh spring water, herbs, hay flowers, honey, stone pine – all of these natural remedies can provide a contribution to your well-being.

Stone pine

The characteristics of stone pine – also called “Queen of the Alps” – and its positive effects on the mind and body have already been known for many centuries. The warm, mild fragrance is slightly reminiscent of vanilla and frankincense.  It is not only very pleasant, but also extremely long-lasting. A scientific study also documented that the specific ingredients of stone pine have a healing effect on the human organism. The heart rate is reduced and circulation is stabilised. Both factors contribute to more rest, recovery and regeneration.

Zirbenhotel Steiger

The 4-star Hotel Steiger in Neukirchen am Großvenediger is completely dedicated to stone pine. Among other things, all bedrooms in the newly built studios and suites are completely furnished with stone pine. Guests of the “Hohe Tauern Health” initiative rest in beds made of stone pine, inhale the therapeutic fragrance of the pillows filled with stone pine shavings, and enjoy an extremely relaxing sleep.

Stone pine sauna

Stone pine is also ideally suited for building saunas. Due to the high percentage of resin and the retained essential oils as well as the antibacterial property of stone pine, a sauna session in a stone-pine sauna has an even more positive effect on well-being.

Numerous hotels in SalzburgerLand offer their guests this very special wellness experience. These include the Children’s Hotel Felben in Mittersill, for example, the Vital Hotel Post in Dienten , and the Puradies in Leogang.

Zirbenweg Gastein

Anyone who would like to learn more about stone pine and find out about the uniqueness of this tree for themselves should hike the Zirbenweg (Stone Pine Trail) at the Graukogel mountain in Gastein. The mostly flat trail leads past an age-old population of stone pine trees, some of them over 400 years old. A stone pine bed, stone pine swing and stone pine bench invite hikers to take a break on the way.


Honey is a treasured treat but also well known as a natural remedy. People in the Stone Age already used it to sweeten their food. Nowadays, physicians also know that honey has antibiotic and antibacterial effects, and is a good help against inflammations and with wound healing. And all children love a glass of warm milk with honey to help them to fall asleep! Meanwhile, the cosmetics and wellness sector has also discovered the beneficial attributes of honey.

Person is pouring honey through a filter into a glass

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus, Michael Groessinger Fotografie – Honey used for treatments

Honey treatments in SalzburgerLand

At Tauern Spa Kaprun, you can enjoy a massage with Salzburg mountain honey and thereby stimulate detoxification of the body.

The organic honey embrocation with precious blossom honey at the Aqua Salza spa in Golling has an invigorating and disinfecting effect on the skin.

Or how would you like to have a honey peel for well-groomed, clean skin? This is, for instance, offered at the Bio Vital Hotel Sommerau in St. Kolomann.

Medicinal herbs

There are large quantities of medicinal herbs on the untainted, lush alpine meadows in SalzburgerLand. Knowing all about them, however, and using them correctly is another matter. Fortunately, there are enough “herb witches” who know which plants are suitable for teas, inhaling, rubbing in, as well as for infusion and aromatic oil and much more. At any rate, one thing is certain: only if the right herbs are properly used can they exert their full effect.

Tea from freshly dried herbs

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus – The power of herbs

Medicinal herb treatments in SalzburgerLand

The 4-star Holzhotel Forsthofalm in Leogang stands for alpine wellness in the mountains. The unique SPAnorama is located on the roof of the alpine lifestyle hotel. Here you can feel the power of alpine herbs, for instance, in the organic herbal sauna, the saline steam bath, and the heated bench with a foot bath. It goes without saying that you can also experience various relaxing treatments. While looking out into the natural surroundings you can also immediately see where the wonderfully fragrant, hand-picked herbs come from.

The 4-star superior Eggerwirt Wellness Hotel in St. Michael im Lungau also relies entirely on the power of the Alps (and its herbs). Only products from Alpienne are used in the cosmetics and treatment area. Medicinal herbs from pure ecological mountain pasture cultures are utilised for this natural cosmetics range. Eggerwirt guests enjoy treatments such as the Balance Alpine Genussgipfel (“Summit of Pleasure”) body massage or the Balance Alpine Gedankenfreiheit” (“Freedom of Thought”) facial massage.

A herbal stamp massage – such as at the 4-star Johannesbad Hotel St. Georg in Bad Hofgastein – is extremely therapeutic and relaxing. Hot, bound lavender blossoms – whose moisturising active ingredients are massaged into the skin – are utilised for this treatment.

Healthy hay

A lot of work has to de done by the farmers until the hay is ready to manifest its health-enhancing effect. Hay makes healthy fodder for animals, but also has many other beneficial uses. Countless active ingredients are in a handful of hay flowers. Hay can, for example, be used to help with rheumatic complaints, and the fragrant aroma also simply helps to alleviate stress. So it’s time to take a hay bath!

Hay treatments in SalzburgerLand

Warm hay unfolds its wonderful fragrance in the so-called “Kraxenofen” (hay steam bath) in the wellness oasis at the 4-star Drei Brüder in Unken. Regardless of whether you have back pains or not, the warming feeling is pure relaxation.

A hay flower pack at the -star Pleasure & Vitality Hotel Moisl in Abtenau has an invigorating and purifying effect. The utilised hay from blossoms and grasses of course stems from unfertilised alpine meadows. The essential oils within the hay flowers unfold their complete effect during the treatment.

When a farm is described as a Heubadehof” (“hay bath farm”), it is clear what is expected here. At the Heubadehof Pürzelbach in Weißbach bei Lofer, guests can enjoy a fragrant, relaxing and purifying bath in hay throughout the year. And after sweating, you can, of course, enjoy tea made from genuine hay flowers! 

Frau sitzt im Heu am Bauernhof

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus – a bed of hay

Summer tip: Kneipp therapy

Granted, it takes a bit of effort for people to dare to take the plunge into ice-cold water. But the pleasant feeling afterwards and knowing about the health-enhancing effect of taking a Kneipp (hydrotherapy) cure makes it all worthwhile. Taking a Kneipp cure has been proven to stimulate the circulation, blood flow and metabolism, and it is also invigorating!

It is easy to refresh yourself in cold water and also do something good for your health in SalzburgerLand. Next time you pass by one of the crystal-clear, gushing springs and mountain streams while hiking, you know what has to be done: simply take off your shoes and socks and step into the watery pleasure!

SalzburgerLand’s 4-star Hotel Hammerschmiede in Anthering is Austria’s first certified Kneipp hotel. The original Kneipp facility directly in front of the hotel is supplied with fresh spring water. You can walk across the forest meadow wet with dew in the early morning, guided by the swooshing sounds of the nearby waterfall. A water-treading pool and a facility for pouring water are also on offer.

Top tip 1: Wellness for children

If the parents are having a good time, the children also want to be pampered! Just like it is for the adults, there are also quite a few offers for the up-and-coming aficionados.

Kids can work up a sweat in the cabin sauna at the 4-star Waldhof children’s hotel in Grossarl. The 4-star Seitenalm family hotel in Radstadt pampers babies, kids and teens with special massages. The “chocolate pack” also sounds wonderful, but this time, the chocolate cannot be eaten.

Since girls and boys have different needs, the 4-star superior Palace Hotel Lacknerhof in Flachau offers a fruity facial treatment for little princesses and a sporty massage for boys.

Top tip 2: Wellness for men

A few years ago, wellness tended to be considered by women only. Men have now also realised the relaxing effect of a wellness holiday. Numerous hotels have recognised the trend and offer appropriate programmes. One example is the 4-star superior Krallerhof in Leogang. Their fabulous “pampering day” especially for men includes a facial treatment, manicure, fango (mud) pack as well as a full-body massage.

Secret wellness tip: Hot pot on the mountain pasture
You can enjoy a very special kind of wellness pleasure at Tonibauer Alm. Get comfortably settled in the HOT POT – a wooden tub made of larch wood from the Lungau region – and enjoy the pleasant warm water and the view of the mountains all around.


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