Health, Krimmler Wasserfälle
Die Krimmler Wasserfälle gehören zu den größten Naturschönheiten im SalzburgerLand

Natural feel-good oasis

Natural parks and other natural healing places

Get out of the city and back to nature! Exchange skyscrapers and congested roads for idyllic huts on flowering alpine meadows. The piercing sound of the alarm clock at dawn is replaced by the tranquillity of the mountains, at most interrupted by the faint tinkling of cowbells in the distance.
Holidays in the alpine areas of SalzburgerLand are abound with activity in clean, fresh air and the amazing joy of eating natural foods. Nature itself with its natural healing resources and the many pristine places is a valuable source for the body, mind and soul.

Natural Remedies and Places in SalzburgerLand

Many places and locations in SalzburgerLand inherently have a healing effect on the organism. Surrounded by clear, fresh mountain air, you feel refreshed and revitalised. It is scientifically proven that this effect comes into play starting at an altitude of 700 metres. And SalzburgerLand has plenty of places at this altitude for you to choose from! In the Lungau region alone, 14 of 15 places are above 1000 metres.

Good to know: The Lungau region has another climatic feature: Mariapfarr is the sunniest place in Austria!

Blick auf Mariapfarr mit dem pägnanten Kirchturm

©TVB Mariapfarr Sunniest spot in Austria

The natural climatic conditions allow the healing power of many plants to unfold particularly well in SalzburgerLand. From arnica to stone pine – almost all herbs and plants have their special effects. Luckily, the people in SalzburgerLand traditionally appreciate and utilise these special qualities and are happy to share the knowledge with interested visitors. An association was even founded under the name TEHTraditionelle Europäische Heilmethode (Traditional European Healing Method), the aim of which is to revive this old knowledge.

A special feature of a different kind can be found at the world-famous spa town of Bad Gastein. The naturally occurring noble gas radon has already worked wonders for many spa guests. Miners found this highly effective natural remedy while looking for gold. Ever since, thousands of people enjoy the soothing warmth of the Gastein Heilstollen every year.

Tip: The Salzburg sun terrace with the towns of Schwarzach and St Veit rely entirely on the healing power of nature. Guests can experience healing nature while hiking, enjoying a wholesome rest on one of the many loungers, energising delicacies or during peaceful encounters between humans and animals at a llama trek.

Natural Remedy: Water

Softly splashing mountain streams, cascading waterfalls, refreshing lakes and bizarre ice formations. Water is an omnipresent, key element in SalzburgerLand.

Did you know that…

… there are over 250 mountain lakes in SalzburgerLand?

… Tappenkarsee lake in Großarl is the largest alpine lake in the Eastern Alps?

… the bathing lakes in Salzburg all have drinking water quality?

… the Krimml Waterfalls are the largest waterfall in Europe?

… Liechtenstein Gorge is one of the deepest gorges in the Alps with a depth of 300 metres?

The Krimml Waterfalls offer an added, special health aspect. The fine mist near the waterfall has proven to be an excellent remedy for asthma and allergies. (Internal link to HTH)

As SalzburgerLand is permeated by water in any form, there are countless destinations connected to the wet element to be visited. They include many exciting gorges, the Eisriesenwelt ice caves in Werfen, the 3,000-metre snowy peaks of Hohe Tauern National Park, crystal-clear lakes in the Salzkammergut region or the trick fountains at Hellbrunn Castle.

Last but not least, there is nothing more refreshing on hot summer days than a glass of cool water – preferably directly from the well or gushing spring. Water sommelier Alexander Koblinger has tasted water from a variety of different sources ranging from sea to ice cave water and has found top quality types.

Another tip for bold and hardened, small and large adventurers: the best remedy for tired legs after a strenuous hike is to remove your shoes and socks and jump into the icy mountain stream. Those who are not quite as adventurous can relax in one of the Kneipp facilities in SalzburgerLand.

Nature Parks

Three nature parks in SalzburgerLand enable hikers to experience and explore the scenic highlights even more.

The nature park Riedingtal in Zederhaus in the Lungau region is covered by high peaks, rugged cirques, gentle valleys and clear mountain lakes and thus has everything an impressive natural landscape needs. A summit hike requires a little mountaineering experience and surefootedness, the large and small mountain lakes can be reached by easier hikes. Typical Alpine plants such as gentian, alpine rose and rock william that grow in their natural environment are also unique to Riedingtal.

Whether it’s hiking, playing, rafting, biking or climbing, nature park Weissbach near Lofer offers wide-ranging activities. The undisputed highlight and gateway to this natural park is Seisenbergklamm, one of the most beautiful gorges in Austria. Wooden walkways wind along the rocky cliffs of the gorge.
Tip: The gorge is especially worth seeing during the torchlight walk in the summer months that includes musical entertainment.

Salzburg’s youngest nature park is Buchberg in Mattsee in the Salzburg Alpine foreland. At a height of 801 metres, it dominates its surroundings considerably. Six theme trails lead up to the mountain in a star shape. The view from the summit trail reaches across gently rolling foothills of the Alps and extends to the rugged Limestone Alps.


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